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Product Review: WallFix – ‘The beautiful smell of sun dried clothes…’

It’s time for a brand new product review! Travel and lifestyle writer Lou from super-inspirational interior, lifestyle and nature blog, Littlegreenshed is a travel and lifestyle writer, digital editor at large for Folksy, contributing author of  This Is Your Kingdom and has written for the Telegraph’s family travel section.

Since starting Littlegreenshed in March 2010, after taking on an allotment in Bristol, Lou has grown the inspirational site to be one of the UK’s leading travel and lifestyle blogs! Due to Lou’s love for nature, and drying laundry naturally, she kindly agreed to test out our handy space-saving WallFix – let’s find out how she got on with the ultimate drying solution:

Lou Little Green Shed“There is something so beautiful, so essentially English about seeing a string of billowy crisp white sheets floating in the breeze.  And the smell, the smell of line dried linen, no artificial softener can beat. I love Summer, I love to hang my washing on the line in the morning and by lunchtime (on a good day) it’s dry, ready for another load.

I recently was asked by Brabantia to review one of their washing lines as part of their #LoveNature campaign. As I live in a small Victorian Terrace in Bristol, with very limited outside space, I opted for the WallFix line. It’s such a clever piece of kit. Dan securely bolted the back of the box to the outside wall, which he found easy to do. The WallFix comes with a sturdy box that covers the line neatly when not in use.

Little Green Shed WallFix Review

To put up the line, I just open the box, and pull out the line, it quickly and securely snaps into place.

I can get a whole machine load pegged on to the line, and it uses less space in the garden compared to my normal line. No more ducking under the line to get to the shed!


Brabantia, as part of their #LoveNature campaign, teamed up with the non-profit charity, WeForest. For every Rotary Dryer or WallFix purchased they will plant one tree.

Little Green shed WallFix

WeForest is an international non-profit association, creating an unstoppable movement around biodiverse tree planting. In the Northeast of Burkina Faso, WeForest contributes to replanting a native forest and reversing desertification whilst promoting a sustainable local economy.

So, by line drying your linens you are helping to save the environment in many ways.”

Many thanks to Lou for her lovely review and images! Check out her fab nature-inspired blog here.

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