Design Insights Interview: Super-stylish Tom from woonblog!

woonblog-tom-coleIn  this week’s edition of our design insights interview we’re excited to welcome super-cool interior blogger Tom from inspirational Belgium-based blog woonblog.

Let’s gain an insight into his colourful world:

What do you love most about being an interior and lifestyle blogger? The thing I love most is that I can inspire people and make them happy. Often people send in emails with pictures of their interior to show how they arranged it after being inspired by woonblog.

Well done on winning Weekend Blog Awards ‘Best Design Blog’ in 2012 and ‘Best Deco & Design Blog’ in 2013! What has been your biggest achievement since starting the blog?Probably being able to give up my old job to become a professional blogger. It gave me the possibility to spend more time with my family and friends and have a very well balanced life where I can earn a living doing the things I really like.

woonblog-interieur-01Describe your interior style… Our current apartment is situated in an art-nouveau house dating from 1920 so it breathes a lot of charm already. We filled it up with a mixture of old and new furniture combined with the things we love like books and a lot of travel souvenirs.

Let’s talk interior trends! Which are you lusting over this season? I think the vintage trend will shift from the Mid-century Modern style with a lot of teak furniture, to a more industrial style where it’s okay that a cabinet is painted over a couple of times and stripped again from its paint. It also screams vintage and authenticity but in a raw way. Think the Piet Hein Eek style from the Netherlands where scrap wood is used to make new furniture.

woonblog-interieur-04Your blog is super-colourful but which chic colour combinations are you completely obsessed with? Black and white is the combination of the moment and we see it in all sorts of ways slipping into people’s interiors. We also like a colour we call old pink, and in the kids’ room mint is a very nice colour because it can be used both for boys and girls.

Three objects that can completely refresh a room are… Lights, you can totally change your room by lighting it well. Even a simple light bulb hanging over a cabinet can set the mood. Paint is a cheap and easy way to refresh a room. With an accent wall, you can change the room’s style every few years.

Top secret design tip? When you decorate think about which style you want your house to be and pull that style through all rooms. A lot of people decorate room by room in totally different styles which makes a house more chaotic and look smaller. With colour and flooring, you can easily create cohesion.

woonblog-portretMy current design crushes is … I’m looking for a new bookcase and really like the String shelving system from Sweden. It’s very minimalistic yet can hold all the books and other stuff you want. Being a modular system it fits a wall perfectly so it almost looks tailor made.

I keep my creativity alive by…. Travelling a lot and keeping my eyes open to what’s happening beyond the interior world.

What’s your most cherished interiors possession? When we move we will definitely bring all our books and personal stuff but everything else is replaceable. We love to build a new home from scratch.

Describe your dream home … It’s probably the house we just bought. An old house with a lot of original elements dating from around 1900. There’s a lot of light and even more space to decorate. Only a garden is missing but living in the city centre that’s very rare and expensive so we are happy with our roof terrace.

You publish some fab city tips! Where has been your favourite destination to visit? We try to visit Paris every six months staying in the same Airbnb so it feels a bit like our second home. With the kids, we like to go to Barcelona to combine the city with the beach.

woonblog-interieur-02What inspired you to publish your first book? Will there soon be a second? A blog and the internet, in general, are very fast forms of media. We loved to make an inspiring book on paper that lasts forever and people can read whenever they feel like it in a more relaxed way. We have recently published a second. With the birth of our first daughter, we wanted to make a book about inspirational children’s rooms and visited 30 rooms to show people what kind of styles are possible.

What does the future look like for you? Our webshop is getting bigger by the day with orders coming from all over the world so this will take most of our energy in the upcoming year. We are also moving to a bigger house where we will have to decorate from scratch so there will be a lot to blog about.

Have you seen our latest inspirational LookBook? Which item is on your must-have wish list? I don’t know if it’s featured in the latest LookBook but we are big fans of the Retro Bin which we use at home.

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