Design Insights Interview: Super-stylish nature lovers, Urban Jungle Bloggers

In this week’s edition of our Design Insights Interview, we are truly excited to welcome the founders of one of our favourite online blogger communities – Igor and Judith from Urban Jungle Bloggers, lovers of all things green and enjoying nature in interiors and the world around us!

Igor and Judith’s mutual passion for plants grew into an around the world Urban Jungle Bloggers community, who once a month, digitally unite to share interior styling tips, DIY and green ideas to create an urban jungle. Let’s find out more about how Urban Jungle Bloggers originated, tips for bringing nature into homes and why the community has fallen head over heals in love with our #LoveNature campaign.

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It’s been a while since our last Design Insights Interview, we’d love an update on what you’ve been up to please! You’ve won some amazing awards for your fab interior blogging, including Amara Interior Blog Awards Best International Blog 2014, but what has been your biggest achievement in your journey? 

I would really say that founding the Urban Jungle Bloggers together with Judith has been an ample moment for me but the real achievement is that both Judith and I managed to grow this community in such a short time – just like a thriving, healthy plant. We are both so amazed by the overwhelming positive response and enthusiasm of everyone. And we believe in many more outstanding achievements with the Urban Jungle Bloggers. 


(Pic credit: Image by Gudy Herder via Happy Interior Blog)

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a beautiful concept that truly embraces nature, how did the idea come about? 

We both knew each other even before we embarked on this green journey. At one point we realised that we both share a mutual love for plants and living with plants. We decided to do a mutual monthly blog series where we would pick a topic and interpret it our own way on our blogs. This was quickly noticed by our readers and suddenly we had many other bloggers asking us if they could join in – and just like that the community was born.


(Pic credit: Joelix)

What is it about nature, greenery and the natural world that captures your hearts? 

It is an important factor for a healthy life above all. Especially for us living in urban areas and leading highly paced digital lives, we really feel like we need this counterbalance that comes from the soothing and relaxing powers of nature. It seems to root us and to take out some speed in our daily lives.  

Happy Interior Blog

(Pic credit: Happy Interior Blog)

What top tips would you give to readers wanting to embrace the urban jungle in their homes? 

Do not be afraid of including plants in your life and do not refer to whether you have green fingers or not. There is no such thing. It is all about knowing the plants and understanding their needs. Plus caring for a plant is not like caring for a child after all. If you happen to kill a plant, then just learn from the experience and make it better the next time. 

Happy Interior Blog Plant

(Pic credit: Happy Interior Blog)

We’re super-proud of our #LoveNature campaign – our pledge to plant one tree for every Brabantia Rotary Dryer sold – what made you want to be involved?

This is a great campaign highlighting the importance of nature – something that we share thus it was clear for us that we want to get involved in some way or another. We think it is great and important to see more brands putting emphasis on the environment by supporting it with such actions. We like to imagine that there will be a huge forest planted by Brabantia through this campaign.

Nature Interior

(Pic credit: My Attic)

We absolutely adore seeking inspiration from your Instagram and Pinterest, the images are stunning! Where do you find creative inspiration? 

Pinterest is an incessant source of green inspiration for us as well as our Urban Jungle Bloggers community who share their green images on Instagram using the hashtag #urbanjunglebloggers. We see so many ideas, we discover new blogs and initiatives, but we also gather inspiration on our trips and visits to green events and botanical gardens. 

Nature Bedroom

(Pic credit: Couch & Cup)

What’s your most cherished interiors possession? 

Tough one! For me probably my set of vintage Eames chairs and a vintage indigo throw from West Africa. I like pieces with a story and a former life. – IgorFor me it’s our collection of vintage lamps from Ilka Plast. We have several pieces in yellow, red, pink and white that add an nice dash of color and shape to our home. – Judith.


(Pic credit: HEIMATBAUM)

What does the future look like for you?

Hopefully thriving and green! We’d like to see the Urban Jungle Bloggers take new heights and adventures. We would love to take our green community offline in big cities and gather with like-minded people and professionals from the green industry. And at one point we’d love to share all the love and inspiration for living with plants in a book. Fingers crossed.


(Pic credit: Lobster & Swan)

And finally, have you seen our latest inspirational LookBook? Which item is on your must-have wish list!?

Yes, it’s a great LookBook. I personally really like the white FlipBin – it looks sleek and elegant. – IgorI’m a huge fan of Brabantia bins, and currently I’m looking into Brabantia’s laundry bin solutions for our new bathroom. – Judith.

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(Pic credit: That’s Monique)

A super-big thanks to Igor and Judith from Urban Jungle Bloggers for sharing their green insights and fab nature-inspired world! Don’t forget to check out our #LoveNature campaign – we’re planting trees for generations to come. 

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