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Product Review: Tower Drying Rack – a space-saving solution!

Spring is finally here, which can only mean one thing… it’s the perfect time to dry your washing naturally! When Anna from Don’t Cramp Our Style contacted us for help with her laundry we were Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 09.38.11super-happy to supply her with our new Tower Drying Rack! Anna’s a journalist and interiors stylist whose work features regularly in national and international press, and as a stylist for most of the major UK interior magazines, we can’t wait to see how she felt about our drying solution:

476648-Tower-Drying-Rack-23m-Metallic-Grey-Mood-04_lowres“We don’t have room for a tumble-drier. We’ve had two washer-driers. Neither one’s drying mode did much in the way of drying. Instead, we invested in a washing machine with a spin cycle powerful enough to wring the clothes of most of their moisture so a sojourn on the airer makes them wardrobe ready.

This has resulted in an eternal quest for an airer that holds the most amount of drying metres in the smallest amount of space. We thought we’d found the best solution on the market, with over 20 thrilling metres of drying space. Yet, as shown above, it’s a cumbersome beast!

Don't Cramp Our Style Blog 2It’s just been made redundant by Brabantia’s new Tower Drying Rack, however, which has 23 metres of drying space and takes up just one square metre of floor. It’s sturdy and fits through doorways so you can move it easily from one room to the next should you need to hide it from guests or take it from outside to in.

Since ditching the tumble drier we’ve noticed that our energy bills have dropped and the air in the house is less dry so we don’t wake up with central-heating induced dry throats. The house feels healthier. It is satisfying to know that we are doing our bit for the environment too.

So we are delighted to get behind Brabantia’s Love Nature campaign that is encouraging people to dry their washing naturally. They have joined forces with LoveNaturenon-profit organisation WeForest, to donate one tree for every Brabantia rotary dryer purchased.”

Lots of thanks to Anna for her lovely review! Check out her blog here. Let us know your thoughts! Head on over to Facebook and/or send us a Tweet @Brabantialife, we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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