Design Insights Interview: Super-creative Manon from Clique Chique!

Clique Chique ProfileIt’s time for another brand new edition of our exclusive Design Insights Interview! This week we welcome super-creative photographer, designer and creator of #flyingstuff Manon Wethly from Clique Chique blog! We are huge fans of her unique photography and her refreshing approach to make the ordinary extraordinary. Let’s get an insight into her world:

You’re a very talented photographer and designer, where did it all begin? Oh wow, thank you very much! Photography is something I have always done, even as a child. It comes naturally to me. I think I take at least a 100 photos every day. It would be terrible if all that practice didn’t result in getting better ha ha!

After two years at architecture school I studied graphic design and after that, I worked for 6 years at Creneau International, an interior design company. That gave me a good base to work in almost all creative areas you can imagine and that is what I love about what I do now. I’m now self-employed and my design studio Hectica – together with Pablo Hannon – has clients in food, fashion and retail but also schools and universities, doctors and dentists. For these people, we offer everything from a house style, interior design and photography to marketing advice (also online) and websites.

You invented the bold trend of #flyingstuff, where did the fun idea originate? I love to take photos and Instagram was a super nice way for me to do something more with all the photos that were sort of stuck in my phone or on my laptop. But soon I realized that on Instagram you are one of many photographers. I know my strength is that I often look at things from a slightly different angle so instead of trying to do what so many other people were already doing, I wanted to experiment. That is why I threw my shoes in the air and snapped them while they were flying.

I didn’t expect immediate success. I certainly did not expect the tons of blog posts, radio and TV interviews and newspaper articles. The flying liquids I photographed later are especially a huge success. People all over the world want to buy prints and I want to make more and more and more because my photos make people smile and help them to feel happy. Everybody has questions about the how, what and why, and that makes me happy.

Clique Chique BlogWith #flyingstuff you work with lots of colours, which do you love the most and why? For the flying stuff photos I prefer super bright colours like red, orange and yellow. Although the blues and greens look fantastic too. I want them to stand out from the blue background from the skyThe one Instagram chose for their Instagram exhibition in New York was a very light pink with pastel yellow though so I guess people are into the pastels too.

We love the phrase you use to describe yourself – ‘serial instagrammer’ – what is it you adore so much about photography? It’s magic! The exact right light at the right second, an accidental move, capturing what was there one second and gone the next…. Coming home with a set of good photos in my camera feels the same as coming home with a bag full of presents! Instant happiness!

Where do you seek new design ideas and photography inspiration? Ideas are everywhere. Even in the doctor’s waiting room. I never intentionally look for ideas. I store everything I see in my head and when I need something it’s already there and I just have to connect some dots. Something that made me a bit lazy lately is Pinterest (check out mine here!). Lately, I pin stuff there so I don’t forget. It’s quick, easy, very useful and very addictive. But those ideas are already made. I want to make my own 🙂

Clique PomPomsYour fab colourful DIY pompoms really caught our eye! Where did the inspiration behind them come from? Thank you! Those pompoms were made for my office. I’m terrible at sitting at a desk and working, I only do that when there is no other option available. And when I sit there I want it to be as interesting and comfortable as possible. So every few weeks I change the interior completely, so it basically doesn’t feel like I’m in my office, ha ha! The look in my workspace before the pompoms was almost completely black and white. A very clean and cold look. With the pompoms, I wanted to do the opposite: soft, feminine and warm. Round shapes. Soft pastels. Very delicate and fragile materials.

And lastly…(cheeky I know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why? I have to warn you that my next reply isn’t sexy! I was super happy to find out that Brabantia still makes the garbage bins that you can put inside the cupboard door, those that open when you open the door. I spent so many hours driving around to kitchen stores trying to find one a few years ago and now that one is broken. That will be my next Brabantia purchase! I started making a Brabantia board on Pinterest with some of my favourite products because you can say so much more with images than with words.

Thank you to Manon  for sharing her creative insights and her lovely Brabantia Pinterest board! Follow her inspirational world on Facebook or tweet her at @manonwethly, don’t forget to check her out on Instagram too!

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