Design Insights Interview: Interior & Vegan Lifestyle Blogger Ebonybizart!

It’s time for a brand new edition of our fab Design Insights Interview! This week’s interview features super-chic  interior, architecture and vegan lifestyle blogger Vanessa from Ebonybizart. Let’s find out about Vanessa’s world:

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What do you love most about being an interior and lifestyle blogger? The fact that I can share new things that I discover and write about the things I like. I love the thrill of finding those new things and the moment when you can hardly wait to share it with the people who follow your blog. Also when you realise you really inspire people by blogging. The positive interaction and comments give you such a warm, good feeling.

Your blog is taking a different direction into vegan and the lifestyle around it. Do you have a favourite vegan recipe? By becoming a vegan, after 20 years being a vegetarian, a whole new world opened up for me. The plant based kitchen and lifestyle is marvelous and it gives you such a good feeling, knowing you do something for the planet, the animals, the people in need and your health. One of my favourite recipes is one of the Green Kitchen Stories. It is a burger of a portobello mushroom, prepared on the BBQ, served in a bun with grilled peaches and fresh guacamole. Delicious!

Sfeerbeeld groen in huisDescribe your interior style… My interior style is “Scandinavian” all over the place :-), with a pinch of vintage and retro.

Let’s talk interior trends! Which are you lusting over this season? The botanical prints are very hot right now and I really love them! Also adding real plants and fresh flowers in your interior is a must and it makes your room more alive. I also love the fact that most design things nowadays have a real function. They are not “just beautiful”.

Which chic colour combinations are you completely obsessed with? I am very much in love with all shades of white and pastels in combination with wood and accents of bright, cool colours.

Three objects that can completely refresh a room? A change in the setting of the furniture, painting a wall(s) in another colour, a new poster or print on the wall, adding real plants and/or fresh flowers, play with light.

Sfeerbeel badkamerWe love the stylish moodboards that you post with your Friday music choices! What inspires these! Thx! I find my inspiration for these moodboards to go completely “into” the song and listen to the lyrics to make an own interpretation of these…to absorb the words, the meaning, the mood and meanwhile searching for pictures which confirm these feelings or emotions…

Top secret design tip? No secrets I guess… be yourself, you must feel good and comfortable with it.

A recent design discovery you adore is…? Chair from Afteroom designed for Menu. I really like the simplicity in it!

My current design crushes is…? The minimal Japanese style, not only because of the purity in the interiors and design objects but also in their way of preparing food and the way to serve it.

Sfeerbeeld hay tafelI keep my creativity alive by…? Reading, wondering, listening. Looking around… not just on the internet (like pinterest or instagram) or in magazines, but also by meeting people and listening to their stories. Also by enjoying nature and the plant based kitchen. I also find inspiration on my long walks with my husband and dog because it brings me so much peace and joy.

What’s your most cherished interior possession? I try not to cling to objects, but if I have to say one thing then I would choose our dining table from Hay. The table is not only for eating with my husband, friends and family, it is also a place where we can enjoy good, real, honest food, where we can talk about life and exchange thoughts. It is also the place where I always end up to work.

I have a little office upstairs but most of the time I come down to work on the dining table. In that way I am closer to Ebony, our English Bulldog, and that makes work much more “cozy”. Our Hay table is where the inspiration and new ideas come alive!

Describe your dream home I have no dream home I guess? We have already moved several times now and I think the only thing that matters to love a new place, a home, is that you can share it and live there with the ones you love. All you need is good company, good health and plant based food 🙂

Sfeerbeeld birdsWhat does the future look like for you? For the moment, I am working on a new project. I can’t tell a lot for the moment but if you keep on following the blog, mysteries will be revealed…

Have you seen our latest lookbook? Which item is on your must-have list? I really like the stack-it collection, especially the ones with the blue lids. But definitely the FlatBack+ Mineral Pink wastebin! In the bathroom we already have the Brabantia Retro Pink Mineral Bin and the FlatBack+ would look so good in our kitchen! Something to save for!

What’s going to be hot in interiors for 2015? The trend for 2015 is moving to a more minimal style. The Japanese designers and lifestyle is coming forward.  Also a more eco-style, nature and the planet becomes more and more important. Look out for botanical prints and add real plants. Also handcrafted objects become valuable.

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