Design Insights Interview: Dutch Interior Designer Mascha from LEEM Concepts!

It’s time for our exclusive hot-off-the-press Design Insights Interview! This week we welcome super-stylish Dutch interior designer and blogger, Mascha Ekkel-Borst from LEEM Concepts. We are huge fans of her luxury style and inspirational blog! Let’s get an insight into her world:


Why do you love being an interior and lifestyle blogger? Both interior and exterior has been my passion since my childhood. For instance, when we were on holidays, I always made drawings of the home we stayed in, including new interior and garden plans. And at school I loved to write. I guess when I found the time last year, I just melted these two things I love into LEEM Concepts, my own creative platform.

Describe your interior style…. You can define my interior style as ‘chic, but sportive and informal’. In my heart, I would love a more luxurious look, but with three men and often a few boys extra in my house, that is not an option right now!

blog1Let’s talk interior trends! Which are you lusting over this season? What I really love, is that the inside is taken more to the outside and vice versa. The furniture, colours and accessories are more in line with each other. That has always been my goal for our own home and always my advice to my clients.

Which chic colour combinations are you completely obsessed with? I am very fond of dark grey combined with natural colours like sand or taupe with the sheen of wood.

Three objects that can completely refresh a room? Just a few cushions, little vases and a (new) rug can do a lot, but if you are a bit of a dare devil, all you need is a brush and two new paint colours.

blog3Top secret design tip? Create space! Do not stuff your living room or outdoor space with unnecessary furniture or accessories!

A recent (design) discovery you adore? When I was at Interiors DMF to visit the ‘Gouden Dagen’ in September, I saw these beautiful art works from Dik Nicolai. Finally I knew what to do with my walls!

Current design crushes? I’ve fallen in love with lighting. There are so many beautiful pendants with the nicest shapes and extraordinary materials, like concrete, wood, copper and even gold. Look at Flos, but also Marc de Groot and Duran.

I keep my creativity alive by…. reading dozens of magazines, regularly checking out my favourite sites and visiting a lot of shops and fairs.

Brabantia1What’s your most cherished possession? It’s a beautiful blue & white Chinese vase, which was a personal gift from very close friends of ours.

Describe your dream home… My dream home would be a chic but tough, informal beach house, definitely located in Noordwijk aan Zee. It would be built and decorated by ourselves in close co-operation with Marcel Wolterinck and his team. It would have just two more rooms in comparison with our current house, so it does not have to be much larger. For the garden I would love to have a swimming pool and a place where the kids can play table tennis, hockey, basketball and soccer. And of course lots of grass; it gives a lovely crispy sound in the warm summer sea wind.

What does the future look like for you? Hopefully I will be able to continue writing lots of nice blogs in combination with indoor and outdoor styling… and someday build my dream home!

Have you seen our latest inspirational LookBook magazine? Which item is on your must-have wish list? The item I love most are the Laundry to-go products. Not really something I need, but it would be great for all those students who can now drop their laundry at their parents house in style!

What’s going to be hot for 2015? The luxury style! LEEM Concepts is on top of it, because you can see and read all about luxurious interiors and exteriors on my blog!

Image credits: Mascha Ekkel-Borst from Leem Concepts.

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