Product Review: Body Analysis Scales ‘For everything that these scales do…I think these are a great addition to any household.’

The New Year has arrived and if you overindulged during the festive season you may be thinking about getting healthier and fitter for 2015! When Laura, the mummy behind the fab parenting and lifestyle blog Life Unexpected contacted us for help with her new healthy lifestyle plan late last year, we were super happy to supply her with our Body Analysis Scales! Let’s take a look at how she got on:

Brabantia's Body Analyses Scales“The Brabantia Body Analysis Scales have been such a godsend for me, I can do much more than simply weigh myself. I have been able to create a personal profile based on all of my personal statistics, it takes into account how active I am, it knows that I am 5.5 in height and it even knows my age. The scales memory can hold up to 8 different users details and it is really easy to flick through each users profile using the entry keys. Using the information I have input it can tell me so much more than just how much I weigh, when I first select my profile and stand on the scales, it tells me my weight. When I continue to stand on the scales it will then present me with further statistics such as my water percentage, my fat percentage, my muscle percentage and my BMI.

I have found all of this extra information so valuable and I have been keeping sporadic recordings of weigh in’s over the last couple of months just to see what changes have occurred. One of the reasons I find this extra information so helpful is that sometimes just seeing your weight alone is not incredibly helpful, now I am regularly attending the gym and using weights, I am slowly but surely building up muscle. So while I have been losing weight, I am potentially also putting weight on with additional muscle growth, so it has been handy to see the comparisons between my muscle and fat percentages in comparison with my weight.


A nice little touch with the Analysis Scales is that they come with a personal diary that you can use to write down your statistics and keep track of your progress. I have been doing exactly this, but I haven’t been as efficient as I possibly should have. I haven’t been writing them down with each weigh in, I have been doing so every now and again just to see if there has been any significant change.

I have found the scales to be accurate with their readings, but they do need to be placed on a solid even surface or else they can read in-correctly. I have mine placed on a wooden board that I store under my bed when not in use, that way it is always on hand in a morning. In terms of how the data is presented to you, I find it really easy to read. Each measurement has a different icon, and the instructions give you a breakdown of what means what so that you know exactly what you are looking at. It took me a little while to work out the order in which it was all presented but now it seems to have stuck, and it is really easy to follow.

The Brabantia Body Analysis Scales come complete with a 5 year guarantee, and priced at just £46.00 they do not break the bank. For everything that these scales do, and the rather generous product guarantee that is included, I think these are a great addition to any household.”

Lots of thanks to Laura for her lovely review! Check out her blog here. Let us know your thoughts! Head on over to Facebook and/or send us a Tweet @Brabantialife, we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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