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Design Insights Interview: Visual Artist, Stylist & #TagOurBag Winner The Quiet Rabbit

It’s time for our first Design Insights Interview of 2015 and what better way to kick off the year than welcoming visual artist, stylist and #TagOurBag winner Katy, the inspirational guru behind The Quiet Rabbit.

Our international #TagOurBag competition challenged you to to create a witty, bold and inspirational message for our range of bin bags and Katy’s winning quote, ‘Making room for bigger dreams’, certainly captured the imagination of our judges! Let’s find out more about the inspiration behind the quote and discover more about Katy’s world:

The Quiet Rabbit‘Making room for bigger dreams’ was selected from over 2,000 entries, where did the inspiration come from? I feel like my mind is constantly coming up with little fragments based around living the best life possible. Dreams, whether there are wishes, goals, far-off or easily attainable, are SO important to me. And I think if you’re constantly reminding yourself to dream bigger, to keep finding new inspiration, you’ll make room for a life that constantly improves. The application of this quote on a waste bag in particular just felt right – when you throw something away, you’re ultimately removing it from your life to make room for something better.

TAG-OUR-BAG-Winner_1As a visual artist, graphic designer and stylist, what do you love most about your job? I’m always looking for inspiration and new ways of creating. My job (and my life, really) requires a lot of image research, theme construction and moodboard curation, so I’m always on a quest for that perfect colour palette or backdrop.

Being a visual artist means I’m always working, always using my eyes – I can’t wander down a street without documenting something along the way. I’m very easily inspired by my surroundings.

The Quiet Rabbit Blog

Your blog is beautiful, tell us about ‘The Quiet Rabbit’ movement? Thank you! Quite simply, The Quiet Rabbit is my artist persona. I started the blog in 2013 as a way to document positive thoughts, poetry and little reminders all in one “safe” space, a sort of sanctuary for positivity. The blog has been a way for me to dedicate time to reminding myself and my audience that life can always get easier if we just remember to stop and breathe once in a while. I cherish the connection I continue to have with my audience – there especially seems to be a deep rooted touch point between my words and individuals who are working through tough times, as though my words have a more meaningful purpose for them. I love that so much.

The Quiet Rabbit Inspiration‘I keep my creativity alive by….’ Taking photographs. Not a day goes by without me taking at least a few photos on my phone – usually to document something that stops me in my tracks or makes me smile. I’m an observer by nature, so having an archive of quick snaps in my phone is a great reference tool for me when I’m starting new work or needing inspiration.

Describe your interior style… Definitely eclectic. There’s a good mix of vintage and modern with lots of white accents. I love displaying curated collections of books, tapestries, plants and coffee table books. Oh – and there’s always at least one moodboard wall designated for magazine tears, loose artwork and postcards. I like my home to feel lived-in and cozy, not staged.

The Quiet Rabbit Blog StylingWhat’s your most cherished possession? A box full of my grandparents’ photographs. When they passed, my grandfather designated every photograph, every photo album, every camera to be in my possession, which I will forever cherish. I only open the box on special occasions – by keeping it sealed, the contents continue to smell just like them. Love is a powerful thing.

A recent design discovery you adore? Honestly, everything I pin on pinterest (follow Katy here!) is a recent discovery that I adore. Because I’m so easily excited by art and design, and because I’m seeking out new content on such a regular basis, any given day will provide new inspiration and grand artistic discoveries. 

The Quiet Rabbit Blog

Describe your dream home … I could talk about this for days! I’m currently dreaming of a vintage bungalow featuring two stories, a sunroom or balcony, wood flooring, white walls and large windows. It’d be full of artwork, curiosities and colourful woven rugs. I’d love to have a converted shed/studio to work out of in the backyard, along with an overgrown garden.

What does the future look like for you? Full of travel, collaboration, learning opportunities and lots of colour! I feel like I’m finally in a place where creativity is taking firm root in my day-to-day ritual. I’m excited to watch how that blooms and evolves as I continue to grow as an artist. 

Mineral Pink Retro Bin


And finally, which product was your favourite item from the fab prize bundle? I have to say my Mineral Pink Retro Bin gets the most attention because it’s so cute and petite! I love the textured colour and the vintage shape – it’s the perfect bin for my studio office.

Thanks so much to Katy from The Quiet Rabbit for inspiring us with her motivating winning quote and giving us a sneak peak into her beautiful world!

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