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Design Insights Interview: Lifestyle & Interior Blogger Evi from Belgium blog Rue No

This week’s edition of our Design Insights Interview features fab Belgium-based lifestyle and interior blogger Evi from Rue No. Evi’s love of writing and passion for all that is beautiful has helped her to create a blog that inspires her audience, keeps them up-to-date on latest news and allows them to dream along with her! Let’s take a look into Evi’s world:  

What do you love most about being an interior and lifestyle blogger? There is so much to love about blogging and in particular, the topics of interior and lifestyle. The interaction with people, the community building, the great comments. Writing about things you’re passionate about is real fun. Interior is what I love the most, I can be busy reading about it all day and I love looking at pictures of furniture and interiors. Being able to share those wonderful things with your own blog audience, that’s my natural high.

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Describe your interior style… My own style is minimalistic with special details. Let me help you to visualise it. The colours are white, grey and black. Every season I add one accent colour. For now it is dark, mustard yellow. I add the colour through my accessories, like vases or pillows. My furniture is smooth, and functional. I love designer stuff. I have white walls and several accent walls with wallpaper. On top of that I love wood, my floor is a grey wooden floor, and in my living room you can find a drift wooden accent wall. I love changing my interior, and therefore a solid base is really necessary.

Let’s talk interior trends! What are you lusting over this season? I love how lighting is becoming a real part of the interior. Not only functional but as an important part of the look. I’m a fan of handmade, sustainable materials. I love how brands, which have real functional products, have detail for trends. A functional product nowadays can be in your interior, or a part of your interior, just because it looks great.

A recent design discovery you adore? – handmade furniture influenced by mid century Danish style, and finished with a definite modern signature.


Which chic colour combinations are you completely obsessed with? Black and white is timeless and classy. Pastels, as I love the softness in the colours. I love how it combines with so many other colours. The gradient trend, from light to warmer pastel is really nice as well.

Three objects that can completely refresh a room? Well, for example in the living room, nice pillows in different colours, lighting (in the broadest sense of the word) a piece of eye-catching furniture, for example a chair, vase, a large photo or a plant.

Top secret design tip? Shouldn’t that be kept top secret? 🙂 Bring outside inside. Not in a dramatic way, but subtle (wood, plants, light, prints etc) Also a white base gives you the opportunity to create so much different looks such as warm, minimalistic, Scandinavian and romantic. A white base isn’t the synonym for cool.

Current design crushes? The minimalistic lighting styles. I really need to keep myself calm to not replace every lamp I have.

Rue No Blog


‘I keep my creativity alive by….’ Instagram, Pinterest and magazines. I can really look at pictures and interiors for a whole day on my iPhone or Mac.

What’s your most cherished possession? My pictures. ‘We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone’. There are polaroids all over my place, and my most treasured photos are printed on forex or on wood. Great address to do that btw:

Describe your dream home … A functional home surrounded by nature, with natural light as a main focus. Lots of large windows, which prolongate the inside to the outside. Inside I’d love a large living room annex kitchen room where we can hangout with family and friends. Where we can cook together, watch TV together, were we can read a book in front of a fireplace. Minimalistic style combined with warm and sustainable materials.

What does the future look like for you? Trendwise back to basics. Back to the homecoming feeling.Rue No Blog

What’s going to be hot for 2015? Nature driven interiors such as botanic prints, wood, natural shapes. Also copper and gold items are still hot, sustainable furniture and materials, handmade and handcraft and geometric shapes.

Have you seen our latest inspirational LookBook magazine? Which item is on your must-have wish list? 

The White Laundry Bin with Cork Lid. It would look great in my interior! (and psstt… I wouldn’t only use it as washing bin)

Brabantia Laundry Bin

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