Design Insights Interview: Karlijn van Wijk from Wonderlicht!

Karlijn van Wijk

This week’s edition of our Design Insights Interview features Dutch interior stylist and blogger Karlijn van Wijk from the super stylish Wonderlicht blog! Let’s take a look into her world:

What inspired you to delve into interior styling and how did you get started? When I was young I was always browsing through magazines and would pull out everything I liked. I put them together and made my own mood boards of toys, nature, animals and so on. Little by little I stopped making mood boards with children toys and instead created them for products for my future house. I was always dreaming of designing my own house, in my head I can see my dream house (continuously changing) and it gives me energy to redecorate my room.

How would you describe your interior style? My style is a mix of design and non-design products. I love colours, but in my opinion colour always comes with a bit of white. White walls or products makes your interior clean and tranquil and the other colours make a statement.

Karlijn van Wijk BlogWhere do you seek style inspiration? Most of my inspiration comes from interior magazines and interior blogs. I love to browse through a magazine and pull out the pictures that I like. I’m also a great fan of Pinterest & Instagram, there is so much inspiration there that the interior ideas keep popping up.

Of all the rooms you have styled, which has been your favourite? That is definitely my sisters room. She was studying abroad for six months and as a surprise I restyled her room. I painted it in new colours, went to the shops and made a nightstand out of wood. When she came back she was so surprised and happy with the result!

Karlijn van Wijk Blog 2

Which room in the home do you enjoy styling the most and why? My living room is continuously changing. I reshuffle my furniture and cushions and I am a big hoarder of candlesticks, cacti and little tables. It’s such a nice feeling when I’m done with it and everytime I come home it is ‘my’ home.

Which trend are you most excited about working with this year? I brought a whole lot of cacti into my home, so the ‘green’ trend is my favorite. You can do so much with plants. You can let them stand alone in a nice cup, put them in groups, or if you have a little space hang them from the ceiling.

Which colour combinations are your favourite to work with? Easy, that is white and mint.

Karlijn van Wijk Blog 4

What are your favourite materials to work with? This question is harder, but I think I’d choose wood and fabric. With these materials there a so much possibilities that there is always something new you can make with them.

Which 3 objects do you believe have the ability to completely transform a room? The colour of the wall, the light (both inside and outside) and furniture that fits the room.

What advice would you give to our readers looking to refresh their interiors? Make mood boards! Collect interior magazines and pull out all the pictures you like, put them together and you see your own style. From that point you can start to look around and make lists with your ‘wishes’. Also, empty the room completely so you can start from scratch and don’t be afraid to put furniture in a ‘new’ place.

Karlijn van Wijk Blog 3

Do you have any upcoming exciting projects?  Oh yes. In the next few months we have two big interior events in the Netherlands. First there is a ‘Woonbeurs’ where you can see a lot of stands with a representation of their interior products and you can connect with brands and find inspiration. The second event is de Dutch Design Week. There you can see the Dutch designers with their newest products and follow lectures of the designers about the new trends and production processes.

Thanks to the fab Karlijn for her inspirational design insights. Click here for more! 

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