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Design Insights Interview: Dutch creative agency Studio Aandacht!

This week’s edition of our Design Insights Interview features ultra-talented Tatjana, founder, producer and styling director of well-loved Dutch creative agency, Studio Aandacht. Together with her husband Ben Lambers – co-founder, art director, photographer and designer – Studio Aandacht helps to create a fab visual world for our new collections and products. Let’s gain an insight into Tatjana’s world:

studio aandacht profileWhere did your amazing career in styling begin? I started at the Dutch edition of Elle Decoration back in 1994.

You formed Studio Aandacht with your husband Ben Lambers, where did the inspiration come from? It wasn’t a matter of inspiration, but more of belief. We were convinced that images of products or interiors should be more natural, instead of the posh over-styled look or the sleek advertising style that was used a lot at that time.

What three words describe your agency? Driven by beauty.

studi aandacht

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a career as a stylist?  We don’t consider ourselves as just stylists, but more as visual storytellers in its broadest sense. The advice would be to deepen into the complete creative field and have interest for every part of it.

Styling is an underestimated word, but the biggest compliment is that you’ve worked hard to design a set or interior and it looks like it was already there.

Which trend has been your favourite in the past 12 months and why? Indoor green, there is no interior accessory that can beat nature.

Aandacht_0012 lrWhat colour combinations do you enjoy working with the most? For me there is no fixed favourite combination, it depends on the subject. A colour palette is one of the most important elements for a good production, perhaps it is even the base of it, so it can never be determined on a personal taste.

What would be your dream shoot? No dream shoots, but I still regret that I missed a shoot with Mario Testino some years ago, this still wakes me at night.

Best design piece you’ve ever purchased? The Fantasy Island couch of Linteloo, it is a true family piece that stands in the room like a big soft cushion. We recently got it re-upholstered for the third time, now it is dressed up in denim.

how we workWhat interiors item can you not live without? It’s not an item, but it’s the use of light, preferably daylight. Once this is done well, you will always feel at home.

What do you expect to be the next big thing in interiors in 2015? The return of the conversation pit.

Dutch traditions you love? I love the tradition of Dutch Design, it’s simply in our DNA. We recently published a book about it called ‘How We Work’, and showed a new generation of 15 Dutch designers, all working in the same tradition.

Studio Aandacht in 5 years time will be…. THERE! 

Brabantia Push BinWe love how you style our products! What do you like most about styling our fab new collections? The product range of Brabantia is a bit taken for granted, because of its functionality and high quality, people don’t see what it adds to a home. We like to highlight this power of the brand in a real life interior, so people feel the urge of adding it to their kitchen, bathroom, etc. We like to add positive vibes to everybody’s household.

How would you describe the style of your home interior? Arranged spontaneity.

What’s the ‘must-have’ Brabantia product in your home and why? The WallFix for sure! No better solution for the everlasting laundry pile with two rugby-playing sons (preferably in the mud).

A huge thank you to Tatjana from Studio Aandacht for sharing her amazing interior design insights! Head to Studio Aandacht’s Facebook page to follow their incredible work!

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