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Design Insights Interview: Super-inspirational Eliza from Ergenstussenin!


It’s time for our exclusive hot-off-the-press design insights interview! This week we are excited to welcome truly talented blogger Eliza from Ergenstussenin! We are huge fans of her style, so let’s get an insight into her world:

You’re blog is incredibly stylish, sleek and inspirational, where did it all begin? I started blogging in 2012, about two and a half years ago. If I think about it, it seems like yesterday. But if you look at the blog, it’s ages ago. Since I started blogging I evolved and changed in so many ways and so did the blog. I learned to know myself in very different ways, discovered some new passions and really defined my style. So the blog is what it is today because of my life and the things that crossed my path over the years. Just like every human, it’s a constant changing story, a work in progress.

How would you describe your interior style? Nordic, cosy and authentic.

You bought a new home in 2013 and began a renovation process, what has been your biggest challenge and your greatest reward during the project? I think everything in our renovation project was a challenge. We bought a house – if you can call it that – where nothing was functioning and everything was ten times older than I am. So we threw everything out and started from scratch. I think our biggest challenge was getting all of the contractors on the same page and making sure there were no delays. Luckily I have a really patient boyfriend and so he mostly did the whole planning thing. We were also involved in every step of the process and did a lot of the work our self. When friends come over today, we’re so proud to show them the home we created. I’ve cursed and cried a lot, but I would definitely do it all over again.

The blog is bursting with stunning and inspirational photography – along with your Instagram too! – what do you love must about capturing photos? I think I have a true passion to capture beauty in life. Beauty, the way I see it of course. In my case that’s a lot of interior and design, but many other stuff too. Something is truly beautiful when it moves me. When it touches my core, good or bad. So I try to capture moments in life, so I can hold them close to me. Besides that I also just love to take pictures and edit them. I’m a bit of a nerd in that area. A little brightness here and a bit of saturation there. Making an image even more prettier than it already was is very satisfying to me.

Where do you seek inspiration for your stylish blog posts? I think that’s the difficult part. I would be lying when I say I always have the right amount of inspiration to write and create things on the blog. There are many days that my head isn’t into it, luckily my heart always is. If the blog ever starts feeling as an obligation, I quit. “Do it with passion, or do it not at all.” On days I don’t feel really inspirational I try not to force anything. If I’m not inspired that’s ok, I’m confident that I will be tomorrow, or the day after. Off course we all sometimes need a push in the right direction. Travelling, the ocean (where I live), Pinterest and other blogs are my main sources of inspiration.


We absolutely love your mood board section on the blog, they are so inspiring and colourful! Which colour combination is your favourite and why? I think I’m pretty boring on that subject. I’m really not a colour kind of girl. Certainly when it comes to interior I like white, a lot! I love a clean base, in all different feels and shades. Next to that I love black and greys. Colour is something I like to add in de the details, because my preferences are constantly changing. Now I like pink and mustard yellow, but maybe next week I’ll be into green. I like an interior that has the possibility to adapt to that. I am convinced that colour is directly linked with emotion, that’s why I make mood boards. It’s an expression of how I feel in that moment I think.

What advice would you give to our readers who are looking to refresh their home interiors? Set your priorities and keep it simple. A home often can look messy because the owner likes all different kinds of things. Make sure you know want you want before you start remodelling. Created a link between rooms, in style or in colour. Next to that: make it your own. Make it homy and cosy. “Less house, more home.”

What interior trend do you predict will be super-hot in 2015? If we look at the Pantone colours for 2015 they will continue the trend of pastels and soft neutrals. Think pale pink and flesh coloured tones. A romantic hazy filter will be applied to fabrics and accessories. Maybe the Instagram hype gots something to do with that? Next to that I think the ‘nature trend’ is also going to be a winner. A lot of plants and natural materials will find a way into our homes. Think wood and concrete, animal prints and indoor conservatories. If things are eco-friendly that will be a nice plus too.

What project have you yet to try but would love to take on? Maybe a cliché answer, but I really really want to write a book someday. Next to interiors, writing is a true passion of mine. So it’s a bit of dream since I was a child. I just hope life has some inspiring challenges waiting for me.

What’s in store for the future? Do you have any exciting projects lined up? Last year was like a small tornado. I started a new job, did an evening course in interior design, renovated a home and traveled a lot. I now might take things a bit slower and just enjoy my new home, my friends and loved ones. For the blog I have some cool collabs and great ideas coming up. So no peace and quiet there.

And lastly…(cheeky I know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why? Since I’ve only just moved into our new home, the Brabantia product ranges are my cup of tea! I recently bought an Brabantia ironing table and I must say I’m very pleased with it. I love your brightly coloured covers, it makes ironing so much more enjoyable. Next to the ironing section I love your stackable glass jars. I think they would look amazing in my new kitchen. Big up for the way the Brabantia products play with colour and respond to today’s interior trends!

A huge thank you to Eliza for sharing her top interior design insights! To follow Eliza’s day-to-day life head to Facebook and Pinterest, don’t forget to tweet her too @Ergenstussenin!  

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