Design Insights Interview: Multi-talented Interior designer & blogger Yasmin Chopin

In this week’s edition of our Design Insights interview, we’re super pleased to welcome talented Cambridge-based interior designer and blogger, Yasmin Chopin. We can’t wait to hear her design insights! Let’s find out more:

Yasmin Chopin Interior Design Cambridge

Congratulations on being nominated for an Amara interior blog award! What inspired you to delve into interior styling and create a blog? As an interior designer my philosophy is to help people create homes that give them joy and enable them to keep control of the process. I want to see more people enjoy good design and writing a blog allows me to share knowledge, tips and ideas in a fun and accessible way.

How would you describe your interior style? When I design for clients I am thinking of what will make them happy and at the start I must have an open mind. As I get to know the client and we go a little further into the process I refine my design suggestions and offer them a style that suits their way of living. I will only ever put up something I absolutely love myself.

Client kitchen diner created from three rooms

Where do you seek style inspiration? The client, sometimes unwittingly, provides me with inspiration. It often comes from a few key pieces in the home that they absolutely couldn’t live without. Works of art and pieces of furniture tend to be favourites.

Of all the rooms you have styled, which is your favourite and why? I enjoy working with all types of property, modern and period. I had fun creating a room that I hand painted, mural style, in bright colours.

Which aspect of an interior do you feel is vital in making a house feel like a home? For me a home is wherever I happen to be; I can be happy in almost any situation. It doesn’t have to be large or beautifully decorated, it just has to be filled with love.

What’s your current colour palette obsession? I love colour – full stop – so the obsession is all encompassing. I follow the trends for ‘Colour of the Year’ because it gives me a chance to get really engrossed in a particular shade and explore it’s decorative possibilities. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without colour.

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Can you believe it’s only a few weeks until the Festive season! When creating a chic & stylish holiday decor, where do you start? Festive decor should be going in one of two directions. The first is home crafted, very personal, eco friendly and ephemeral. The second is high quality purchased items, designed and made in the UK, and used year after year. Personally I don’t go in for decorative excess at this time of year.

Which seasonal colours will you be embracing this festive season and why? You cannot beat red and green – two colours that complement each other so well. In equal doses they create a wonderful scene that excites, just sprinkle some sparkles and enjoy the colours of nature.

Concept kitchen by Naber taken at 100 per cent design London 2014What interior trends do you think will be big in 2015? I’m very interested in the development of kitchens and bathrooms; the way they are being used today and how they will be used in years to come. These two areas of the home are going to play a key role in family life and positive changes are around the corner, particularly for singles and multi-generational families.

And lastly… (cheeky we know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why? I love Brabantia style and I’m one of a shrinking band of people who enjoy ironing! Years ago I invested in a Brabantia D ironing board, it’s practical, well made and looks good. It’s a pleasure to use.

A big thank you to Yasmin for her fab design insights! Do you want to find out more? Click here! 

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