Design Insights Interview: Ultra-stylish Ilaria from IDA Interior Lifestyle!

This week we are happy to catch up with Ilaria, talented interior stylist and founder of the super-stylish IDA Interior Lifestyle blog.  Here she talks about design influences, her addiction to Pinterest and her “keep it simple” mantra.  Prepare to be inspired!


What inspired you to delve into interior styling and how did you get started? 

Photography has always been a great passion that I developed during school years, although I never thought that one day it could become my work. It all began in 2009, when I moved to the Netherlands and I decided to create my first blog. At the time I was changing apartment and I decided to share the process on the FB fan page of Casa Facile, my favourite Italian magazine. My work was noticed by the editor-in-chief and they offered me a freelance collaboration. The following year I started a specific school for interior stylists in Eindhoven and two years later I graduated.

How would you describe your interiors style?

I have a fresh and young approach, which does not necessarily follow trends but tries to mix the best ideas to create a new and personal style. My style is a mix between flea market pieces, a touch of hand-made/DIY and design.

Where do you seek style inspiration?

Anything can be inspiring: a walk, visiting a new city or a picture. I’m a Pinterest addict, but I do also love reading blogs and tons of magazines, both in paper and online.

Of all the rooms you have styled, which has been your favourite?

Probably my current living room and my studio. The living room because it is friendly and cozy, my studio because it is the part of the house that I “live” in more, since I freelance from home. They are constantly evolving though, I always like to change some details here and there.

Which room in the home do you enjoy styling the most and why? 

My latest project is also the funniest: the baby room for my son that I’m expecting at the end of the year. I never had the chance to style a room for a kid before, and I’m thrilled to use new colours and items. Plus I have the big opportunity to work with amazing brands for this project, like Ferm Living, Stokke, Brabantia, Bloomingville, Tas-ka, Fine Little Day, Studio Snowpuppe and many more.

Can you tell us about the most outlandish room makeover you’ve styled? 

It is probably the shop makeover I designed for an italian client: a lot of colours, a whimsical mix of patterns and materials and second hand pieces. But in the end it turned out great!

Ida Lifestyle

Which trend are you most excited about working with this year?

I like the new colour palettes based on soft shades of blue, green and powder pink. They look very natural and the final effect is great if you contrast it with wood and metallic finishes.

Which colour combinations are your favourite to work with?

My mantra is “keep it simple”: I love to work with a white scandi base and colourful elements for the accessories. White is so versatile and the colours can really pop out. Plus, you have the advantage that you can easily re-decorate if you use a white canvas, or a neutral base like grey.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I love wood and textiles: wood can be raw and not treated, like the one I wanted for my bed, and the textiles, to me, are the essence of a house.

Which 3 objects do you believe have the ability to completely transform a room?

White paint, that sometimes has the power to transform a room without any other work, new textiles such as cushions and curtains, and well balanced lighting.

What advice would you give to our readers looking to refresh their interiors?

The advice I always give is “keep it simple”, that, as I said, is my mantra. Do not exceed, no overdoing, make it coherent and harmonious. Don’t make compromises, and if you cannot realise all the things that you have in mind, make the best of what you have, without being afraid to go against the common rules.

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Do you have any upcoming exciting projects? 

I have a lot of upcoming exciting projects!

Speaking about blogging, I’m currently teaching, with two good friends, a bunch of lovely Italian bloggers, showing them how to improve their blogs and we’re launching a second level course. It’s very inspiring and exciting! In my role as interior stylist I’m working on several projects in the Eindhoven area and as a photographer I’m always looking for new inspirations. My other activities are doing very well too: my yarn shop is growing and I’m now offering three different kind of yarns, and my crochet projects are now hosted by a new Italian platform, Peggy magazine.

And in a few months I’ll be a mum… enough, isn’t it?


Congratulations and thanks so much to Ilaria from IDA Interior Lifestyle for her fab interview and top design tips!  

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