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Design Insights Interview: Inspirational Interior Stylist Marieke Rusticus

This week we are very excited to welcome inspirational Dutch interior stylist Marieke Rusticus to our Design Insights interview! Having  spent her time working as a visual merchandiser, running her own boutique and inspiring others with her successful blog, we can’t wait to hear her insights! Let’s find out more:

marieke rusticus brabantiaWhat inspired you to delve into interior styling and how did you get started? 

I have always loved beautiful things, in both clothing and interior. My mother had a lot of magazines when I grew up, I loved looking at the pictures inside of the magazines. I had, and still have, a fascination for art, fashion and interior design. My biggest passion is interior design, it is around me all day long, its a feeling I can’t describe. I just love it so much! So a year ago I started my own business and it is evolving.

How would you describe your interior style?

My style is light and sober, the colours are what the materials say they are, so no hard colours. I think it’s very much a Ferm style and it says a lot of who I am!

Where do you seek style inspiration?

Oh everywhere! In magazines, television, shops, on the internet. Instagram is also a great inspiration! I also like to visit exhibitions.

Of all the rooms you have styled, which has been your favourite?

Maybe it is a cliché, but that would be my own home. I can do it exactly how I want it to be and live in it every day with my family, it makes me very happy, although I still have wishes.

vt wonenWhich room in the home do you enjoy styling the most and why?

I think that would be the living room. It is so much fun to style because you can use lots of accessories like plaids, sheepskin and pillows, books, lamps, candles, etc. I think its endless to style, plus most of the time its the largest space in people´s homes.

Can you tell us about the most outlandish room makeover you’ve styled? 

In my latest project which I finished a couple of months ago, I used extraordinary wallpaper. It gave the whole room a boost, it was even better than I had imagined.

 Which trend are you most excited about working with this year?

I like Ferm products. I am glad that materials are very important and that there is more attention for the material itself,  let it speak for itself. I like what they do with a space! Walls also get more attention, a wall can also be great when it is painted in a beautiful colour, but what about wallpaper!! Then create your own mood with a carpets, rugs and pillows. I of course look at trends, but I do not necessarily follow them. I like to go my own way and look at what clients want.

Which colour combinations are your favourite to work with?

I love all kinds of colours, but I personally prefer natural colours. I don´t think I will use neon any time soon.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I love concrete, wood, iron/steel and soft materials like wool.

Which 3 objects do you believe have the ability to completely transform a room?

For me that would be; wood, rugs and pillows, You can create everything with that.

What advice would you give to our readers looking to refresh their interiors?IMG_20140305_104446

Think out of the box, make you house personal, look at the space you live in and make sure the walls and the floors have a good basis, then create your home. It doesn´t have to be perfect, do not be afraid that things won’t match, let it evolve because you have to feel good in it. If you feel insecure or you just don´t know where to start, hire a interior designer or stylist, it will be worth your money. It is your home!!

Do you have any upcoming exciting projects? 

I will be doing a child’s room in this upcoming month and I just finished a presentation for a living room, so I hope to hear from that very soon!

Thanks to Marieke for her fab interior tips and design insights! Follow her inspirational work here. 

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