Design Insights from inspirational famous interior designers & stylists!

Over the past few months we have been delighted to bring you Design Insights Interviews from some of the most creative and famous interior designers across the world. In the coming weeks we’ll be taking a look at some of their top design tips in a series of round-up features, so here’s our first, we hope to inspire!


Branch and Table against Dark Wall, as seen in Home for Now book by Joanna ThornhillThe must-have furnishing for any room is chic mirrors. That’s the advice of top interior stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill who has recently launched her new book, Home For Now, and has spent over 8 years working with leading magazines such as Country Homes & Interiors, Style at Home and House Beautiful.

Joanna told us: “Mirrors are a must-have in most rooms – as well as helping a space feel bigger, they can also bounce light around, which is especially helpful in gloomy rooms.”

Immerse yourself in paint!Jennifer Newman_2

Talented interior stylist Lucy Gough, who has worked with many top interior magazines including Livingetc and Wallpaper*, told us that one of the simplest ways to refresh your interiors is with paint, and lots of it!

“Paint, paint, paint! Paint your ceiling, paint your walls, paint your furniture. It’s easy and relatively cheap. As long as your walls are painted in a darker shade than your ceiling, you can paint your ceiling any colour you want and the room won’t feel too small.”

floral sofa2Colour is key

When choosing colour schemes for your home, famous interior designers Owl Design – who have styled well-known festivals, restaurants and residential projects – advised us to think how colour choices will make us feel.

“Think of how you use the space to help inform your choices – darker colours work well in spaces where you relax, but for areas in the home where you are more active and need more light then lighter colours work best.”

famous interior designers - Vanessa BradyMake it your own

Vanessa Brady, award winning practitioner and consultant and President of the Society of British and International Design (SBID), told us that style is not always about a home’s interior, but also the people who live inside it.

Vanessa told us: “A home needs to be comfortable. It should be the place you return to replenish, relax and repair. I believe it is the people who live in the home who should stand out, not the interior’s vibrant colour and pattern. My general rule of thumb (although not set in stone) is to use three mediums and one colour with a contrast colour and then, when you bring in the people and their possessions it comes to life – it’s timeless.”

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