Time to get fit and in shape for the summer holidays!

Brabantia BMI Bathroom ScalesThe sun is shining, BBQs are underway and the holiday is booked – so now it’s time to put yourself first, get fit and make Summer time your best time!

Stay fit and stylish. To keep track of your personal health goals and stay informed about how your diet impacts your well-being, you’ll be pleased to hear about our super cool Brabantia BMI Scales.

These must-have scales will add a splash of chic to your interiors too!

Our Body Mass Analysis Scales are designed for an accurate measurement of weight, body fat, water and muscle percentages and Body Mass Index (BMI), it is perfect for the whole family. Simply input your age, gender, height and level of fitness, and up to eight individual users will be stored in its memory.

And, depending on how keen you really are, there’s a free personal fitness diary included, so you can make a note of your progress each week, track trends and patterns in your weight and BMI too! Great for weight watchers!

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