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Trash your bin smells with our kitchen bin freshener

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It’s time to say goodbye to bin smells with our latest clever solution, Brabantia’s Perfume Your Bin. This has been designed to be a perfect kitchen bin freshener.

Brabantia Pefume Your Bin - Bin FreshenerThe team here at Brabantia has just made the daily chore of waste management a more enjoyable experience – ‘Perfume Your Bin’ is a smart solution to hide unpleasant smells and is built into kitchen and bathroom bins.

The Perfume Your Bin self-adhesive device sticks to the underside of household bin lids to mask unpleasant odours as well as releasing bursts of pleasant fragrance in a choice of two fragrances, Pine and Flower.

The clever membrane technology delivers four to six weeks of freshness! No more bin smells… Lovely!

The capsules are quick and easy to fit, simply open the holder and insert the capsule.

To purchase a Perfume Your Bin starter pack or Perfume Your Bin refills, click here!

Take a look at our video here for the Brabantia Bin Freshener – Perfume Your Bin.


How to change a Brabantia Perfume Your Bin Capsule:

  1. Wash the underside of the lid, and ensure it is dry
  2. Remove the protective film from the adhesive tape at the back of the holder and fit to the underside of the lid
  3. Wait 24 hrs before using the holder to ensure it has adhered correctly
  4. Remove the foil tab from the capsule to release the fragrance
  5. Open the holder and place the refill capsule inside the holder
  6. Close the lid until it clicks



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