Design Insights Interview: Top Interiors Stylist Iris Havekes, C-More Interior

In this week’s edition of our Design Insights interview we are super excited to welcome top interiors stylist Iris Havekes from C-More Interior in the Netherlands. We love her stylish and creative approach to styling interiors. Here she shares her must-know interior design insights with us:

What inspired you to delve into interior styling and how did you get started? It all comes very natural to me. I can’t help it. Since I can remember, I’ve always been looking around and seeing forms, textures, colours and shapes everywhere and they inspired me to make, design and combine things myself too. I’m a “picture thinker “. Later at the ARTEZ Academy where I studied fashion-design and at Artemis for interior-design, my concept development and “fingerspitzengefuhl” were further developed then all things fell into place.Iris Havekes | C-More interior design and blog

How would you describe your interior style? My personal style is a minimalistic design with a very personal touch. For me there must be a story to tell in an interior. This can be through a personal item, a vintage piece, by a personal colour scheme, or (and I personally can’t do without it due to my fashion background) by adding textile. This also gets the “cold feeling” out of a minimalistic interior.

Of all the projects you have styled, which has been your favourite? Oh, that’s hard to say. I have a very personal approach to my customers and projects, so they are all special to me. If I have to choose, I would say the “Bossche School” style house in collaboration with a befriended architect and contractor. Also a new build home in minimalist style. Currently I’m working on a project for an office with a great client, I think it will become my favourite.

Which room in the home do you enjoy styling the most and why? The living room and kitchen. They are the heart of the home.

Which trends are you most excited about working with this year? I’m a trend watcher but I look more at long-term trends. For my interior designs I always make a design that fits the client and the room or space. Very personal, but of course there is always “the zeitgeist”. But with colours and accessories I love to play with trends! At the moment the Nordic influences and brands are my favourite! They combine well with my personal style and they are very well designed and made out of good and beautiful materials in beautiful colours.  It has a heart in it.

Project minty copper by C-MoreWhich colour combinations are your favourite to work with? I still work with whites the most. I’m a minimalist and they belong together but I always add colour, mostly by the material itself but also in textile, with paint on the wall and in the accessories. My favorite colours at the moment are minty greens, they have a beautiful light and depth within them. They make a room shine. 

Where do you seek style inspiration?  Everywhere! I always see new inspiring things around me and I also love to travel, see new places and meet people. I go as much as I can!

What are your favourite materials to work with?  Mostly natural materials like wood, metal, glass, linen, wool, cotton, leather. They tend to get more beautiful when used, but I also like recycled materials a lot.

Which 3 objects do you believe have the ability to completely transform a room? Great effect is always gained by a change of colour. It’s easy and everybody can afford it. Also the accessories that you use every day that are around you, especially cushions.

What advice would you give to our readers looking to refresh their interiors? I always say show what you love to show and put the rest behind the cabinet doors, then dare to change! What works works and what doesn’t doesn’t! Put away things that don’t work.  Even if it’s a couch that costs a lot, try to sell it and make a plan before you buy a new one. Also try to style your accessories, make little still-lifes.

Blog C-More Iris Havekes

Do you have any upcoming exciting projects? Oh yes! Currently I’m working on a very nice interior design for an office as mentioned before. And I’m also a blogger at interieuradvies and there are some great things happening. I’m invited to join the NYC blogtour! I’m so exited to meet fellow international bloggers and indulge myself in the NYC design week and see the city that never sleeps: New York.  Some other exciting events are coming up later on this year too.

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