Our top interior design bloggers

Blogs are a wonderful source of inspiration for new ideas for home interiors. Here are some of our favourite interior design bloggers, all of whom were on the judging panel for Brabantia’ Print Our Print competition. 

Micle-Mihai Cristian is the creative force behind Freshome, the online magazine for anyone who is passionate about interior design and architecture. Freshome is perfect for anyone seeking inspiration to help them design their dream home, as well those looking for practical home solutions.

President of the Society of British & International Design, Vanessa Brady is an award-winning international interior designer. Vanessa specialises in timeless elegance, where traditional designs are paired with technology and contemporary fittings to improve and simplify the way we live today. The result is design-functional, structured and unique. Keep up-to-date with her work at http://vanessa-brady.com/blog/.

Belgium-based Yvonne Eijkenduijn is the creator of the simply beautiful Yvestown blog, which brings together stunning photography, reviews, giveaways and clever design projects you can do yourself, including pretty crochet patterns. We love Yvonne’s motto to “live each day like freshly shaven legs under clean sheets.”

Jo Yana is the editor of Deco Design – a French forum and blog providing a platform for design lovers to discuss and share ideas and tips on all the latest trends in decor, design, contemporary art and photography. If you want to want to be at the cutting edge of interior design, this is the online community to be part of.

British blogger and designer Andrew Dunning from APD Interiors was winner of the Decorex Loves Bloggers award and is UK ambassador for Interior Design Chat, which brings together top designers architects and home decor professionals. Andrew specialises in designing beautiful and stylish homes at affordable prices, and his blog is a wonderful source of design inspiration and projects you can recreate yourself.

Amsterdam-based Desiree Groenendal’s blog Vosges Paris is a journal of inspiration, interior design, and home decorating. A stylist, painter and DIY enthusiast, Desiree says: “I am always creating and in search of the perfect harmony between my love for French grays and Scandinavian whites Desiree delights in finding beauty in imperfection.  Decorated with Scandinavian design, graphic prints in black and white and some natural elements, my home is a playground for my never ending inspiration.” Vosges Paris is Desiree’s online mood board.

The Style Files is Danielle de Lange’s daily blog about design and (life) style. Danielle is dedicated to searching the globe for inspirational finds, and she posts her observations and ideas on design, interiors, art and other life enhancing subjects. Based in The Netherlands, The Style Files gives worldwide coverage from a European viewpoint, with an emphasis on Dutch and not-so-standard design.

“Oh my goodness!” is precisely what you say when you first visit Goedele Verrecas’ blog called exactly that, Oh My Goodness. A journalist and finalist in the Weekend Knack Blog Awards, Goedele is a self-confessed photography junkie and lover of all things interior design.  Her devastatingly beautiful blog is where she loves to share her “mind thrills” and in her own words is about making impressions “with some Scandinavian style, flea market goodies, an overdose of white and sparkling colours”.

Puur Confituur is the stylish blog of Ghent-based Irene Schampaert, who is a graphic designer and illustrator, and another finalist in the Weekend Knack Blog Awards. On her blog, Irene shares what inspires her and makes her smile: a perfectly laid-out magazine spread, colours you never knew existed, a pattern you never tire of looking at. Puur Confituur is truly magical source of design inspiration.


Where do you find your design inspiration online? Who are your favourite design bloggers?

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