Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing Board

Product Review: Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing Board


Pink Santini Ironing Board From Brabantia for Steam Unit Irons

“I really do enjoy ironing, and for those who remember my ironing #justmything post earlier this year will also remember the state of my ironing board. Don’t get me wrong there really wasn’t anything wrong with it but after starting to use a steam generator iron I needed to update my ironing board for one with a mesh base to allow the steam to pass easily. Brabantia answered my ironing board prayers and kindly offered me the Brabantia Pink Santini solid steam unit holder ironing board to review.

We’ve all left the ironing board set up in the dining room or wherever but with little curious fingers the added benefit of a child lock gives that added security against ‘I didn’t touch it Mummy!’.

Now I’m a girlie girl so the option of the Pink Santini  print had to be my first choice. There are several different fabric choices available, a little something to cover (no pun intended) most tastes.

At 45cm wide it really does reduce your ironing time, just think of all the time you spend readjusting garments, bedding etc on your usual ironing board. Most of Roo and Tigger’s clothing fits the width of the board so I can quickly place, iron and more on to the next item.

With a fabulous 19cm difference between the lowest and highest height setting it’s a board that caters for both the vertically challenged and vertically superior people of the world. A large solid plate to holder most steam generator units and normal irons. I use a steam generator and even with a full tank of water the ironing board stands firm and steady.

I store my ironing board in the kitchen down the side of my larder unit, however generally do my ironing in the dining room. With addition of the transport lock it has saved my a few knocks to the head from it opening unexpectedly when I’m carrying it.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…    Buy the Brabantia Pink Santini Ironing board

One of the great things about ironing boards is that you remove the packaging and your ready to go. The ability to adjust the height between 77cm and 96cm really does give great flexibility for different users (not that Mr Boo does any ironing).

With prices from £70 I feel it is pretty reasonable for an ironing board that is sturdy enough to hold a steam generator and offers a wide ironing area.”

If you want to know how to replace a Brabantia Ironing Board cover, click here. 

Pink Santini Ironing Board


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