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Design Insights Interview – Top interiors photographer Fiona Walker-Arnott

It’s time for our exclusive hot-off-the-press design insights interview! This week we are excited to welcome the truly talented interiors photographer Fiona Walker-Arnott. We are huge fans of her style and creativity – she’s worked with some of the UK’s leading home and interiors publications from House Beautiful, Ideal Home and 25 Beautiful Homes to Real Homes and Good Homes.  So let’s get an insight into her world:

FIONA WALKER-ARNOTTWhat inspired you have such a keen interest in interior photography and how did you get started? I have been interested in homes and interiors ever since I can remember, always pressing my nose up against Estate Agency windows with the rest of my family. My Mum generally had magazines like Homes & Gardens around and so I grew up looking at those, studying without even realising I think. The excitement of the newest Elle Deco hitting the doormat has not waned. My partner knows that speaking to me whilst I have an interiors magazine in hand is useless!

How would you describe your style? My own home is relatively traditional, I don’t plan a room with schemes, things happen organically or perhaps it’s more hap hazard. I find items and move them about until they have a home. I like mixing old with a bit of industrial and a bit of pretty.

What has been your best-loved interior to photograph? It’s split between a gorgeous, coachhouse which is in this month’s 25 Beautiful Homes. It’s the home of Interior Designer Paula Barnes of Unteriors. The other favourite is the Grand Designs home in Brighton, owned at the time by artist Barry Surtees. Architecturally it was stunning and he went through a lot of hardship to finish it, a dream to shoot with its fabulous curves.Fiona Walker-Arnott Styled Interior

What colour combinations are your favourite to work with? I am very boring I’m afraid, greys and white.

Which room in the home do you love to photograph and why? Probably the kitchen. It seems to be the hub of most homes and has to perform well for many purposes so it’s always an inspiration to see how it works for the family living there.


You must have seen many interior trends come and go, which has been your favourite? I love parquet, concrete and book matched marble (not necessarily together), I just can’t get enough of them.

Do you have go-to Pinterest boards, websites or blogs where you seek inspiration? I am a big Pinterest fan, I don’t follow anyone in particular, I enjoy seeing what my nieces pin and I do pin like mad myself. Twitter is always high up on my priorities: I definitely find inspiration there and importantly also have found good work colleagues and commissions through it.

Can you tell us about any exciting projects you are working on? I’m working on a marketing campaign with Shutterly Fabulous who now have a Kelly Hoppen range so I’m very much looking forward to that. Kelly is on fire at the moment.

What would your dream project look like?  A dream project to shoot would have clean lines with lots of beautiful natural light oh and a great stylist along for fun chat and great results. For home it would be a rustic self build with space for a few chickens and a goat.

A huge thank you to Fiona for sharing her interior design insights. She is always on the hunt for lovely homes for features. If you haven’t had your home, kitchen or bathroom featured before and think it deserves to be seen then Fiona would love to hear from you. Either via Twitter @Fiwalkerarnott or via her

Would you like to be featured in one of our interviews?  If so, please head on over to Facebook and or send us a Tweet @Brabantialife, we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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