Top drying clothes indoors tips this autumn

The cold and often damp autumnal weather makes outdoor laundry days a little bit of a challenge right now. Try not to be tempted to cut time by using a tumble dryer! With our range of drying racks and lines, you can make smart use of all that ‘invisible’ indoor space to help you keep on top of all that drying and save money on electricity! Here we run through some effective drying clothes indoors tips to help you this autumn.

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Follow our simple drying clothes indoors tips and you can stay green, even when the skies turn grey…

  • Give heavy items like towels or jeans an extra spin in the machine before hanging out to dry to remove as much excess water and moisture as possible. And select the fastest spin cycle for all your washing – it makes a big difference to drying times.
  • Shake out wet laundry before hanging on a rack or line. Turn them once or twice while drying to prevent them from stiffening.
  • Another way to prevent stiffening when drying indoors is to add half a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle. If you notice a faint smell of vinegar, counteract this by adding a few small drops of your favourite essential oil to the wash.
  • Make the most of any sunshine coming into a room in your house or apartment during the autumn and winter months. Dry your clothes by a window.
  • If sunshine is scarce, find the warmest spots in your home for your clothes; bathrooms and kitchens are ideal. Or place your drying rack in front of an oven or a wood-burning stove in a living room, or a radiator or heating vent.
  • Invest in the largest drying rack you have space for in your home to cope with a larger washing load. Our Drying Rack boasts 20 metres of drying line but is still incredibly easy to move around and pack away once your clothes have dried.
  • Rotate your laundry on the rack or line to expose the damp parts and increase air flow.

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Are you an advocate of indoor line or rack drying during the colder months? Do you have your own drying clothes indoors tips to share?

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