Our favourite sizzling summer recipes for the BBQ

With less than a month until Autumn we are keen to make the most of our glorious Summertime… and the living is easy. The wonderful Ella couldn’t have described this season better, and the living is certainly easy when you get to spend long, balmy days outdoors, gathering with friends and dining al fresco. And what’s better than dining al fresco?

But don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut with your barbecue by cooking the same old staples time after time. Impress your summer guests by making sure you’ve got all the right utensils and applying a few clever twists to the traditional barbecue fare.

Bring out the burgers

A barbecue just wouldn’t be the same without some good old burgers. The homemade variety are so much more satisfying than shop-bought, plus you can flavour them with whatever takes your fancy. We love these Turkish inspired lamb burgers, served with flatbreads and green chillies to really spice things up!

Chuck another prawn on the barbie!

As every Aussie worth his or her salt knows, prawns are ideal for barbecues, particularly as they are ready in literally minutes. Try marinating King Prawns in soy sauce, lemon, ginger and garlic before threading them onto skewers and cooking for just a few minutes until they turn pink. Devour as soon as they have cooled just enough for you to peel – finger-licking-tastic!

A taste of the sea

Nothing beats the taste of beautifully fresh fish cooked on the barbecue. Sea bass in particular is great on the barbie as it’s a beautifully robust white fish with a sweetly succulent flavour, enhanced all the more when it is grilled. This citrus-spiked sea bass instantly got all our mouths watering here in the Brabantia office.

Summer salads

Every barbecue needs a good array of interesting salads to make sure you don’t end up with meat overload. But don’t let salads become a last minute afterthought – a good salad can often take centre stage. How about this simple yet delicious spinach and pasta salad, with fresh mint and crumbled goat’s cheese?

Meat-free marvels

A barbecue doesn’t have to revolve around meat and some of the finest vegetarian dishes can be created over hot coals. Try a smoky, barbecued quesadilla or these halloumi, aubergine and red pepper kebabs, and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Delicious desserts

Sweet, sticky caramelised fruits are the perfect way to end a barbecue. Pears, peaches and nectarines are all absolutely stunning grilled, while barbecued bananas stuffed with chunks of oozing chocolate is simply heaven on a plate. Pineapple is also another favourite on the barbecue, and this caramelised pineapple with hot chocolate sauce definitely gets our vote.

So those are our favourite recipes to tantalize the taste buds this summer. What will you be cooking on your barbecue? We’d love to hear your suggestions and top barbecuing tips.

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