How to prepare for the best barbecue ever!

The sun is out and it’s the perfect weather for a barbecue!  To organise a barbecue party your friends will always remember it just takes a little careful planning. Follow our simple tips and your guests will be crowning you the king or queen of the barbecue…

Kit yourself out

Make sure you’re armed with all the right utensils and our Profile Line in practical yet stylish stainless steel is the perfect place to start.  Choose from a wide range of utensils from fish slices to meat forks, confident in the knowledge they are all made from corrosion-resistant materials that are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Organisation is key

Marinate dishes the day before and prepare everything you can before people turn up. This means you’ll have less washing-up and more time to spend with your guests. And be organised around the barbecue itself. Check you’ve got enough work surfaces to keep raw meat away from cooked, and space for all your utensils and equipment so you’re not running in and out of the kitchen endlessly.

Light up

Light the barbecue and start cooking early so that people aren’t sat around waiting for hours before the first burger is ready. It’s always good to have the air filled with the irresistible aroma of food grilling ready for when guests start arriving to really whet their appetites.

Grill from room temperature

Take food out of the fridge for at least 20 minutes before grilling on the barbecue. If meat, chicken, fish or even vegetables are too cold in the middle, the outside may well burn before the inside is cooked.

Cook low and slow

Move food around on the barbecue so it’s not always in the hottest spots. You can also place food on tin foil to slow cooking down.

Let it rest

Just as you would when cooking meat in the oven, it’s always a good idea to let barbecued meat rest for a few minutes to allow it to reabsorb the juices. Rest it on a tray on the top rack or cover with foil and keep a little way from the heat.


So there you have it – our top tips for the best barbecue ever. Do you have more tips to share? We’d love to hear them!  If you’re interested in buying any Brabantia products online we have the full assortment here. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and we can answer any questions on Twitter too @Brabantialife.

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