Product Review: Brabantia Kitchen Knives

When top food blogger Gourmet Mum a.k.a Filipa Kay agreed to road-test our Brabantia kitchen knives we could hardly contain our excitement!  She was a finalist in 2011 Channel 5 TV series Real Food Family Cook Off, winner of the Gourmet Garden 2013 Blog Off Cook Off, has filmed recipes with Phil Vickery for British Turkey and she’s a MAD blog finalist in the ‘Best Food Blog’ Category (which we are very proud to sponsor too!).  Let’s see what she think of our kitchen knives:

“I was sent a set of Brabantia kitchen knives consisting of a chef’s knife, meat knife, bread knife and fruit / utility knife. The set also came with a sharpening steel and a smart wooden knife block to store them in. I’ve been using the knives for a couple of months and I’m really pleased with them.

The knives are made of ice hardened steel which means they stay sharper for longer. They are also scratch-proof, have improved corrosion resistance and the ergonomic handle makes them comfortable to hold. They wash well in the dishwasher.

Brabantia Knife Block ReviewI find I use the chef’s knife the most. It’s the biggest knife with a broad long blade and a fine tip. It cuts meat, vegetables, salads etc with ease. I used to use scissors to cut my meat up but I find this knife does a much better job. At £29.50 it’s great value for money.

The bread knife, the extra long serrated knife, is brilliant for cutting crusty loaves. I make bread quite often in my breadmaker and I’ve been after a good knife which cuts fresh loaves cleanly. This knife does a great job, provided the bread has fully cooled. Again, I think it’s great value at £23.25.

The little fruit / utility knife is handy for peeling and chopping fruit and veg, slicing cheese, getting the eyes out of potatoes and that sort of thing. It’s £15.25. The carving knife, or meat knife gets used occasionally when we have a roast as it’s great for slicing joints of meat. It’s £21.95.

The knife block is really handy for storing the knives. It’s neat and compact, being square rather than long, and it rotates. It’s also quite heavy so it doesn’t fall over when it’s empty. The knife block is £40, so a bit of a splurge, but I find it’s a safer way to store knifes now my kids can reach and open drawers.

The sharpening steel has a neat little place in the middle of the block, but it also comes with a wall attachment. It’s £16.75, but a

Brabantia Knife Reviewgood investment if you want to prolong the life of your knifes. I’ve learned the hard way that you’re more likely to have an accident with a blunt knife, so I keep them sharp!

I thought the best way for me to show you how great the knives are would be to make a little video of me using them. So, here’s a video of me making Turkey Calzone using the chef’s knife, the utility knife, and the bread knife right at the end.”



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