Review: PerfectFlow – Professional ironing board company tests Brabantia’s PerfectFlow ironing board

Since launching our innovative and much-anticipated PerfectFlow technology, developed in partnership with the world’s number one ironing brand Philips, we’ve been on the hunt for a professional ironing expert to put it through its paces!

PerfectFlow Professional Ironing Board

When Tracey Nagle from professional ironing company A Steam responded to our search for a top ironing star we were over the moon at Brabantialife!

PerfectFlow is an exciting next generation ironing board cover for use with pressurised steam generator irons. So it’s a great choice as a professional ironing board, so you too can iron like a pro.

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High pressure steam from pressurised steam generators, when used with a conventional ironing table can often cause condensation on the table leading to unwanted water building up underneath the board or on the garment.

With its ingenious ironing board cover with triple-layer fabric which rebounds and spreads the steam and absorbs any condensation, the PerfectFlow ironing board cover is the ideal solution. It delivers swift, professional-standard ironing results, while keeping garments dry and preventing unwanted water build-up.

Tracey's Brabantia PerfectFlow revoew

Let’s hear how Tracey got on with our new PerfectFlow ironing board: “I received the board today and am over the moon with it! 

I have ironed 75 adults items, 28 junior, 3 double sheets, 3 double duvet covers and 6 pillow cases today and my floor is dry!

The board is only very slightly damp at the end – normally with this amount of ironing I would use two boards and swap halfway through as the boards build up water at the end.                                   

The size and shape of the board is excellent as is the amount of padding. I also really liked the sturdy area for my iron base, on my current board it does not feel secure but this one feels very strong.

The height adjustable selection is great, I have a problem with my neck so need the board quite high – after 4 straight hours of ironing I did not have neck or back ache.

It may seem a bit weird to be this excited about an ironing board but when you spend as much time as I do using it anything that makes the ironing a bit easier is something to get excited about!”

If you are interested in buying the Ironing board, click here, or want to up-grade your existing Brabantia ironing board technology, covers are available here.  


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