Brabantia WallFix Wall Mounted Dryer

WallFix wall mounted dryer review “…just simply unfold it and it’s ready to use.”

Imke VerhoefThis month we invited mother, illustrator, LoveJohnny blogger, teacher and domestic goddess Imke Verhoef from the Netherlands to test out our WallFix dryer. Let’s hear how she got on:

“A while back I got the chance to test the ‘WallFix’ from Brabantia. The WallFix is an outside-clothes-drying-system you can easily attach to the wall. When you need it, just simply unfold it and it’s ready to use.

When the WallFix was delivered to our house, my husband got so excited, he rushed to the home-depot to get everything he needed to hang it up on the wall. (He really likes to drill holes and to hang stuff on walls, he is a real handyman.)

However, when he took everything out of the box he realized his trip to the home-depot had been a waste of time. Everything he needed was already in there. Placing the system on the wall was a piece of cake. And what makes it even better, it takes up hardly any space in our little backyard, which is great.

With a little boy who likes to get dirty, a husband who needs clean outfits regularly and me who gets dirty by the little boy, we have a lot

Brabantia Wallfix pull out laundry dryer

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of laundry. But we don’t have a dryer. It’s not that I am against a dryer, but as long as we can go without, I want to keep it out of the house. It uses up so much energy! I prefer to use the sun and the wind to dry my clothes. So as soon as the temperature rises just a little I’ll go outside, unfold my WallFix and I’ll put all the laundry on it. When I take it down after it’s dry, it feels so fresh and clean, I love it.

And what I probably love most about it, is that my little one can help as much as he wants. The WallFix is strong enough for his little strong hands. Now I only need to teach him to put the dry clothes in the laundry basket, instead of on the ground were it get’s dirty again…”

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