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BMI Scales from Brabantia will help you get in shape

BMI Scales reading Are you looking to get in shape or tone your body? If so, you need to set and keep track of, your personal health goals. To do this you need to stay informed about how your diet may impact upon your well-being. Therefore you’ll be pleased to hear about Brabantia’s Body Analysis – BMI Scales.

Your body mass index or BMI, is a simple calculation that is used to tell whether you’re a healthy weight for your height. Your BMI is worked out by dividing your weight in kgs by your height in metres squared. To tell what is and isn’t healthy, check out the BMI chart below.

Body Mass Index Chart explainedShop Brabantia BMI Scales

Our BMI Scales are designed for accurate measurements of weight and body fat, as well as water and muscle percentages. They are perfect for the whole family, simply input your age, gender, height and level of fitness. Up to eight individual users can be stored in its memory at one time.

This battery-operated Body Analysis – BMI Scale has a generous sized platform (XXL). They also feature a smart digital display in either kilograms or pounds. They show you your BMI, fat, body muscle and water percentages. The BMI scales are portable too, so you can carry them around with you, thanks to their handy carry handle.

And, to help you along your journey, the BMI scales come complete with instruction manual and personal fitness diary. These allow you to make a note of your progress each week, helping track trends and patterns in your weight! This is great for weight watchers!

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Brabantia BMI Scales

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