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Eight amazing ironing tips you’d wish your parents had taught you

Brabantia ironing boardNot many people would list ironing as their favourite household task. But if you follow our simple tips, you can avoid getting hot under the collar as you steam through your pile of laundry in next-to-no-time!

Sounds obvious perhaps, but do check the labels on your clothes to find out the specific ironing instructions for each item. Then select the appropriate setting on your iron.

Before you start, make sure your iron is just hot enough, but not too hot. Ideally iron your clothes when they are still slightly damp. But if not, a good steam iron will do the job. And alway invest in a good ironing board!


8 Steps To Help You Iron The  Perfect Shirt.

1. Start with ironing the underside of the shirt collar.

2. Iron the outside of the shirt collar.

3. Iron the inside of the cuffs.

4. Never iron buttons – go around them using the tip of the iron.

5. Finish the perfect shirt by ironing the shoulder-piece and back.

6. Iron the outside of the cuffs.

7. Use the sleeve board for ironing the outside of the sleeves.

8. Iron the fronts and pockets.

And always remember, make sure the ironing table is at the right height for you so you don’t strain your back. Your back should be straight and the table needs to be positioned so that your shoulders are completely relaxed while ironing. When the shoulders are tense and pulled upwards while ironing, it means the surface of the ironing table is probably too high. 

We love hearing your ironing tips.  FabFood4All advised us on Twitter that she likes to iron whilst sitting down to avoid backache and FussFreeFlavours advised to not let the clothes get too dry before you iron them.

So there you have it. Ironing made simple! Do let us know if you have any tips to share please! 

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