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6 top tips to help your clothes dry faster | The best way to care for your clothes

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When you’ve spent a small fortune on the contents of your wardrobe, it makes sense to show your clothes the tender loving care they deserve to make sure they look good for as long as possible.  Follow our simple guide to clothes care to prolong the life of all your fabulous garments and ensure you’re still able to wear them next season too!

1.0 Appropriate laundry care

So much damage is done to clothes by not washing or cleaning them properly. When you’re about to load the washing machine, sort the laundry by four sets of criteria: colour, fabric type, level of

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soiling and size – mix large and small garments to let them move more freely, resulting in cleaner clothes.

Prepare clothes before they’re washed by fastening zips to prevent snags and tears, empty pockets of tissues treat any spots or stains with a specialist cleaner. And why not store in our new Laundry Bags too?

It might sound obvious, but do always read the care label first to check if clothes are machine washable, hand washable or dry-clean only.


2.0 Don’t let stains linger

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Remove any stains straight away, otherwise they can take hold or oxidise making them harder to remove.


3.0 Out to dry

When it comes to clothes drying, it’s much greener and economical to dry them outdoors. But there’s nothing more annoying than peg marks on your clothes. That’s not a problem with our new ergonomically-designed, all-weather Smart Clothes Pegs. In lavender and grey, the pegs have a clever non-skid surface to grip your laundry firmly but gently, without leaving marks or rust stains.


4.0 Easy ironing

Again always read the label to check the right temperature setting for your iron to avoid marks, wrinkles and burns. Keep both the iron and ironing board cover clean to avoid dirtying the clean garments being ironed, and always use fresh water in steam irons.


5.0 Space to breathe

Store out of season clothes in the loft or under the bed to leave room for the clothes you’re more likely to wear this time of year. Items are less likely to get crumpled and you won’t have piles of clothes gathering dust. Make sure you use airtight containers for stored clothes so they are less susceptible to moth damage.


Brabantia folding laundry board6.0 Perfectly folded

Fold your clothes carefully to minimise creases and keep your wardrobes and cupboards well organised. Try our Folding Board in either classic black or funky purple – we think it’s the perfect aid for folding shirts, T shirts and sweaters to save both time and storage space.


So those are our tips on keeping your clothes looking good for longer. Do you have any to add to the list?

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