6 simple ways to reduce your food waste

Brabantia Built In Bin 2x10LThere has been much in the news about food waste in recent months. A shocking report released earlier this year Waste Not, Want Not exposed that as much as half of all food produced in the world is never eaten, but thrown away instead.

While much of this waste occurs before it even reaches the shops, let alone our homes, there is still so much consumers can do to play their part in reducing food waste.

According to the Love Food Hate Waste initiative, if we all stop wasting food that could otherwise be eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking one in five cars off the road. That’s quite a staggering thought.

Here are our tips on how to reduce your overall food waste and what to do with the stuff you really have to throw out…

  • Make sure you store your food in the right way to help it stay fresh for longer. The original packaging your food comes in is generally designed to protect it, so it’s a good place to store it if you can. Resealable packs for cheese, for instance, are a great way to stop the cheese from drying out. Alternatively wrap your opened cheese in cling film or keep in an air-tight plastic tub.
  • Plan your weekly meals and stick to a shopping list when you go shopping for only what you need for the following week. This can save you money and reduce waste.
  • Think about your portion size and only cook/serve what you’re able to eat. Rice is one of the foods we always seem to cook too much of, so here’s a very handy guide from Love Food Hate Waste on how to measure the perfect portion of rice.
  • Make the most of your leftovers. Eat them for lunch the next day, freeze them or turn them into a new meal entirely. Leftovers from a Sunday lunch make for a wonderful chicken soup or bubble and squeak, best served with a lovely soft poached egg.
  • Some food waste is of course inevitable. Things like vegetable peelings, apple cores, tea bags and egg shells. Don’t throw these out with your regular rubbish. Many local authorities are now recycling food waste and collect from homes. You can also compost most food waste yourself to use as fertiliser in the garden. Just remember you can’t compost cooked food, fish, meat or dairy products.
  • To help you separate your food waste from the rest of your household rubbish, our Built-in Twin Bin is a nifty solution that’s both functional and attractive. The two sturdy plastic bins in black and green are designed to fit in virtually every style of kitchen cupboard, the unit attaches to either left or right opening doors providing a space-saving solution and an organized clean living area.

Bonus tip: To save time and transport food waste quickly use our 100% compostable food waste bin liners, so you can deposit food waste straight to your green bin or compost heap!

What are your top tips when it comes to reducing food waste and food recycling?

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