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Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag Review by Sussex Mummy Blogger

Portable Laundry Bag on the shoulderHere at Brabantia we decided it was time to make the task of doing the laundry and washing more glamorous, colourful and fun! So we’ve launched a new Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag in a choice of eye-catching colours.  It’s the perfect portable laundry bag solution and looks good in bedrooms, bathrooms and utility areas.  So we asked Mummy blogger Sarah from Sussex Mummy Blog to road test one of our new Portable Laundry Bags. Here’s what she thought:

Review: Brabantia Portable Laundry Bag – Sussex Mummy Blogger:

“Since becoming a parent – and also a product reviewer – I find myself getting weirdly excited about the strangest things. You’ll all no doubt recall my maddening enthusiasm for a washing line last year, well this year I’m continuing the washing theme by getting carried away with a Brabantia laundry bag. Yes, a LAUNDRY BAG. Clearly I need help.

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It’s so pretty. *Ahem* Anyway, the team at Brabantia have done it again with this functional yet fun portable laundry bag. It has a round opening at the top to toss in your laundry. What’s a bit genius about this bag however is that the top folds out so the round opening forms a handle which you can either carry with your hand or wear over your shoulder.

Brabantia laundry bag oval mint

Brabantia portable laundry bag mint

Pastel Mint Rectangular Portable Laundry Bag

It has a capacity of 55 litres and once full that equates a standard 10 kg load in your washing machine. We are using ours as somewhere to put dirty towels which previously used to fill our existing laundry baskets. Now once this is full I know I have a full load for my washing machine. I can just carry the bag downstairs and load the machine up. So easy and so convenient. What’s more the bag looks nice. Available in a range of colours including – Pansy Purple and Pastel Mint which you can see here, Caribbean Blue, Lipstick Red, Lemon Yellow and Grey – the bag will brighten up the corner of any room, or in our case, in the hall upstairs.


As well as be a stylish laundry bag, you could also use it to store your children’s toys in. One of these would look great in their bedroom or play room filled with soft toys and teddy bears.

The Brabantia portable laundry bag is also available in a rectangular design as can be seen on the left. 



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