Design Insights Interview: Kate Yorke Design Your Bin Winner: “…The whole experience has been amazing.”

Kate Yorke - Kitchen Collage Retro Bin Designer

For this month’s Design Insights Interview we’ve managed to get an exclusive interview with the winning designer of Kitchen Collage, Kate Yorke from Emily Pickle Designs.  Here she gives us a unique insight into her world:

Congratulations you won our 2012 Design Your Bin Competition, how does it feel?

Thank you! The whole experience has been amazing and has given me some much needed confidence in my ability as a designer. I am yet to see the bin for sale in an actual real life shop (I can’t wait!) Note from Editor, it will be in store and online from April 2013, not long to wait now!


What made you decide to name your business after your daughter?

My business has evolved gradually over the last 4 years. I finished my HND in 2000 and worked for a bedding company then a printing company. After having my daughter in 2006, I worked part time in nursing homes but really missed being creative.  My first idea for my business was appliquéd kids T-shirts which I designed and sewed myself. It seemed to make sense to name the business after Emily (the Pickle bit was a nickname!)  I enjoyed making lots of other handmade bits and pieces but now that Emily is at school I am able to concentrate on my surface pattern designs which is what I really want to be doing.


It’s Mother’s Day (UK) this weekend, do you have any plans?

Emily and I will be at a Pop-Up shop with a friend in Stockport selling cards, tea towels and prints  next to Stockport’s Vintage Village (I may get the opportunity to do a bit of shopping too  – can’t resist a vintage tea cup or two).


What’s the most important room of the home to you and why?

I love any space which allows me to be creative without getting in anyone else’s way! (I’m a bit untidy) I’m looking forward to moving house in a couple of months where I will have a studio space of my own.  I plan to have a large work surface with two chairs so my daughter can join in too, she loves to do her own design work!


What design projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am focusing on putting together a range of around 60 cards that I am hoping to be able to sell wholesale as well as on Folksy and Etsy. I have done 40 designs so far and am really pleased with the results and the positive responses I have had. I am also looking forward to learning more about how to apply my designs commercially and will be taking Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells e-course in June which will hopefully help me to keep going in the right direction.


What sources do you take your inspiration from? 

Online, I love Pinterest, Folksy and Etsy – there’s so many creative people out there! Out and about I really enjoy visiting vintage fairs and well, any shops really, but especially independent gift shops and gallerys where you can find slightly more unusual and inspiring items.


And lastly…(cheeky I know!) what’s your favourite Brabantia product and why? 

I can’t pick just the one… I love to use the digital scales, mixing bowls and spatula together. I’m fairly new to baking but I really feel the part with all these! As it’s Mother’s Day, as a parent I would have to recommend the reversible place mats. Both sides get used and these only leave my table when they need a wash – they are even machine washable – fab!!!

A huge thanks to Kate for speaking to Brabantialife.  If you are interested in buying any Brabantia products online we have the full assortment. here.   Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and we can answer any questions on Twitter too @Brabantialife.

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