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How to dry clothes fast, whatever the weather!

With all the cold and wet weather at the moment, it’s all too easy for laundry to turn into something of an unwelcome chore.

Whether it’s how to dry clothes fast, indoor drying or neat ways to protect your outdoor dryers during the winter, you’ll find Brabantia is always on your side.

476648-Tower-Drying-Rack-23m-Metallic-Grey-Mood-04Try not to be tempted to use a tumble dryer if it’s cold and wet outside. With our range of drying racks and lines, you can make smart use of all that ‘invisible’ indoor space.

Our pull-out compact clothes line is perfect for use in the bathroom, especially when space is a premium, and offers an incredible 22 metres in total of drying length. And our selection of drying racks enables you to dry laundry in just about any space you might have available indoors – such as the back of a door.

brabantia door drying rack

Brabantia Door Drying Rack

While you probably won’t be spending much time in your garden this time of year, that’s no reason to forget about your outdoor rotary dryers. Show them a little TLC with our new and improved protective covers made of super tough weather and UV resistant material. We also have clever covers for a popular WallFix dryer.

Why not check out lifestyle blogger, Anna Tobin’s fab review of our Tower Drying Rack.

So now your laundry is taken care of, you can get back to enjoying the fun things in life!

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