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Product review: Brabantia 30L Retro Pedal Kitchen Bin By Maison CupCake

Sarah Maison CupcakeWhen we heard on the grapevine that London-based Sarah from the award-winning blog Maison Cupcake, one of the best known baking blogs in the UK, was giving her kitchen a makeover, we were keen to find out if she’d like to include our new 30 litre fingerprint proof matt steel retro kitchen bin as part of its new look and feel.  Happily she agreed!

As author of ‘Bake Me I’m Yours…Sweet Bitesize Bakes’ and winner of The Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012 for her ‘Tasty Blog’, her kitchen really is the heart of the home.  Sarah was also recently listed in Woman & Home Magazine’s Top 100 Food Blogs.

Here’s what she thinks about her Brabantia new retro pedal bin:

“I guess it’s a bit like having your bathroom done and buying new towels, having your bedroom done and getting a new duvet.

I recently had a new kitchen installed and my tired old bin looked dirty and scruffy. Having visited various friends with Brabantia bins, it was a brand I aspired to see in my fabulous new kitchen.

Since I’ve been kitted out with Brabantia’s 30l retro kitchen bin, every scrap that gets tossed has brought a smile to my face.

The pedal is highly responsive. Very little effort is required to get the lid to flip up. No more stamping and pushing whilst standing at just the right angle or the bin creeping away as you apply pressure. My sturdy Brabantia bin opens really easily and the non-slip feet make sure it won’t slide around or damage my floor.White kitchen

Apparently the surface is fingerprint proof. My five-year-old son is testing this to the limit. What is it about children and bins? Always fascinated by things they’re not meant to touch…

The design is timeless. The stylish shape in silver will never go out of fashion or clash with other coloured objects in my kitchen.

And the bags. Never again need I suffer the ordeal of garbage all Click to buy Brabantia WallFixover the kitchen floor – a trick my previous bin had regularly played on me. My old bin bags created a vacuum and the suction often tore them as I lifted them out – even if they weren’t overfilled.

To prevent this happening, Brabantia has a two pronged attack: the inner bucket has some whizzy anti-suction vent and the bags themselves have small holes to counter any vacuum effect too.

The bin bags are cylindrical rather than the traditional shape, they’re a decent thickness and I’m not on tenterhooks they’re going to split each time I take a bag out. There’s no ugly collar of bag sticking out around the lid either. The bag rims fit perfectly inside the lid and cannot be seen when the lid is down.

My previous bin cost around a fifth of the price of my new Brabantia however the second I started using it I’d regretted not spending more on quality.  Should I ever require replacement parts for my new Brabantia bin, these are all available individually from the Brabantia website. What’s more, during the 10 year guarantee period, I won’t have to pay a penny.”

Sarah Trivuncic, November 2012.  To read Sarah’s blog click here.




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