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How to best prepare and use garlic for cooking

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For millions of foodies around the world garlic is a much-prized and even revered culinary ingredient they couldn’t cook without. This is why the designers here at Brabantia have worked hard to develop our new and improved Garlic Press. 

The redesigned Press is easy to handle, easy to clean and easy to store with no fiddly separate parts. It can even crush unpeeled garlic cloves, resulting in less mess and odour.

As ever, the team here at Brabantia has succeeded in combining efficiency with style. The Press is made from contemporary stainless steel, with large ergonomic handles minimizing effort and a large aperture that is easy to fill. There is very little waste residue left behind so much more of your lovely garlic will make it into your dish. The smart design makes it simple to clean as the sieve component swings up to enable rinsing out and it is also completely dishwasher safe.

Growing garlic in containers inside the home is a good way of providing your kitchen with one the most flavoursome and freshest of herbs.  Remember to fill a deep container with a circumference of at least 6 inches. Plant no more than 1 1⁄2 inch below the soil surface.  Make sure the pointy part of the garlic clove is facing up and the side that was at the bottom of the head faces down. The bottom of the clove is identified by its flattened, slightly concave end.

Water often enough so the soil stays moist, but not wet. In about a week or two you should see garlic shoots coming through the soil.  The rule of thumb is to harvest your garlic when the bottoms of the leaves are beginning to turn yellow.

Dry your garlic for about a week before storing although you can use straight away. Freshly harvested garlic is known as wet garlic and is delicious served roasted as a side dish or chopped on top of a bruschetta.

 Do you grow your own garlic? If so, how do you use yours?

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