Product review: “Brabantia Profile Line (or Very Fabulous Kitchen Stuff)”

Laura LittleStuff Our guest product reviewer this month is award-winning blogger Laura from LittleStuff. Her family friendly blog features and reviews essential home, family and lifestyle products for busy parents.  She agreed to test out our Profile Line range and here are her thoughts:

“My kitchen is not blessed with wall space. Or any kind of space, for that matter. But wall space particularly – one side there’s a window between the wall cupboards, one side there’s the cooker and hood, the third there’s an arch, and on the fourth there’s the stairs and the back door. Really – no wall space.

So when Brabantia sent me a bunch of Kitchen Utensils to try, I sighed a little and realised I’d have to stick the pretties away in the drawer. But no! Because they came with the Gadget Rack… and quicker than I could say “Husband get your Drill” he had that rack up on the wall, and everything hanging neatly. Doesn’t it look great? Takes up WAY less wall space than you can imagine – I can still open the cupboard above the microwave just fine, and that goes for the microwave too.

So – that’s storage out of the way. Next test… would I actually use them?

You know what it’s like when you’ve had your own kitchen for *cough* a while – you have your favourite tools, the ones you just know will do the right job in the right way for you. Shiny interlopers into the kitchen drawer are often to be found sulking in corners, their shiny brightness eschewed for the Old Faithfuls.

Did that happen here? Um… no (sorry, faithful old drawer tools).

That large spatula at the front? Perfect shape for all manner of flipping duties. The spaghetti scoop hiding shyly behind him? Not just good for spaghetti – oh no, perfect for Brabantia Profile Line scooping up poached eggs too. The masher is probably my least favourite of the bunch – I just prefer a metal one I can get some welly into – but that’s not to say he does a bad job. The cheese knife and the corer both work beautifully – they’re just occasional visitors to the chopping board, rather than everyday work horses.

Then there’s The Gap. This gap has been existing for some few days now, and it worries me. Who lives there? Who is MIA? I can’t figure it out. There never used to be a spare hook, and now there is. Worrying.

Oh! It’s the TONGS! The fabuloso can’t ever-give-them-up Tongs! oh, that’s okay – I know exactly where they are, they’re in the dishwasher. That’s why there’s been a gap – I use them too much to see them on the rack very often! Here, let me show you them…

brabantia utensil Heat resistant silicon, perfect in non-stick pans, and properly solid and sturdy in your hands. I LOVE these tongs!

Next up is Wok Turner. And he comes out a LOT – perfect for slipping under a fried egg, don’t you know?

The pastry brush is stubby, but works better than his bristle shortness would suggest, and the palette knife has saved me on a few occasions from Baking Day Disaster – perfect for slipping around the edge of a new-out-of-the-oven cake, as well as for smooshing out the jam and buttercream and icing…

Small whisk is a perfect size and shape for hot chocolate – but not quite up to the job of a cheese sauce roux, I find.

Lastly, Mr Beer Opener. We quite love his handy dandyness of a Friday night. 😉

Best of all, every single one of them is built well – they feel balanced and easy in the hand, they all just plop in the dishwasher, and if your favourite workaday tools aren’t here – fret not. It’s not a package – there’s 54 tools to choose from – just buy the bar and create your own perfect set.”

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