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How to turn wasteful into ‘wasteless’ with our Kitchen Recycling Bins!

378720-Twin-Bin-10-23L-Matt-Steel-FPP-DETAIL-Bin-LinerBrabantia is always keen to explore opportunities for greener and more sustainable ways of living. That’s why we were delighted to take part in an exciting recycling pilot recently in the Netherlands.

For a whole year, 50 families in Eindhoven region were challenged to separate every single scrap of waste they created, using a range of waste separation bins and containers supplied by Brabantia to reduce food waste and recyclable materials. All families had to bring some waste to the recycling centre while some was collected from their homes.

The results of the pilot were overwhelmingly successful. All the families rose to the challenge of separating out their rubbish, and the amount of unrecyclable refuse fell by a staggering 96% to a mere 7kg per person per year. Three-quarters of the families involved said they were totally happy to separate their waste and didn’t want to return to the old system.

So it all goes to show that with a little education and the introduction of simple means, it’s really not so hard to change the way we all do things to take better care of our environment.  Are you recycling as much as you could be?

Waste separation and recycling tips:

  • Visit your local recycling centre to find out what materials they accept for recycling, and then set up your bins accordingly.
  • Take a look at the Brabantia range of kitchen recycling bins such as our steel 23/10 and 2 x 20 recycling Touch Bins, or our 2 x 10 litre Built-In Bin! Or, if it suits you better, why not place individual waste bins next to each other and separate waste your own way?
  • Use plastic bags or totes to store materials for recycling. Paper bags can leak and rip easily. Try to use smaller containers, which are easier to lift when full.
  • Clearly label your recycling bins so that you separate waste correctly.
  • Clean bottles and tins before putting in the recycling bin to prevent flies.
  • Put a ‘no junk mail’ sticker on your letter box – you’ll reduce your rubbish dramatically.
  • Join the Freecycle movement. This ‘free cycle’ of goods keeps lots of useful stuff out of landfill sites and is about thinking globally and recycling locally.

Brabantia Kitchen recycling Bins:

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Do you separate your waste in your home? What are your top tips for making recycling easier?

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