What design elements sum up the London look?

With all eyes on London this summer, firstly with the Jubilee and then the Olympics and Paralympics, British style has never been more popular.

The Union Jack has taken the fashion and interiors world by storm and can be seen on display in homes across the land in the form of rugs, handbags, cushions and fridges.

London style is big news for the home and everyone is clamouring for the London look. From the gritty urban street art of our limited edition London bin to the stylised skyline of the capital on Aimbry’s elegant lampshade, from pretty Liberty prints to punk iconography – Cool Britannia is all the rage.

Brabantia retro bin

Interior designer Michelle Jane has some inspiring ideas on her blog for bringing the London look into your home. We adore the use of cool greys and whites with striking bursts of colour to recreate that London edginess.

But of course, London means different things to different people.

What design elements would you say sum up the ‘London look’?

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