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What are your favourite things to eat this month?

dining We love July – possibly the best time of year for fresh, seasonal produce, when the most tempting fruits and berries, vegetables, fish and meat are in glorious abundance.

We know readers of Brabantialife are as passionate about home cooking and entertaining as we are, and so we’ve brought you some our favourite seasonal ingredients and a few ideas on how to prepare them to create sensational dishes to impress friends and family.

Broad beans


There is nothing finer than eating fresh broad beans picked from the garden. They are perfect served simply as a side dish with a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice, as well as in salads and tarts. We particularly like broad beans with a whole host of other seasonal veggies in an Italian-style summer minestrone soup.



Beetroot is one of the most incredible and versatile ingredients around. Simply wrap in foil with a little water and some fresh rosemary and bake in the oven to create the perfect accompaniment to roast lamb, another ingredient that’s so good at this time of year. It’s also divine paired with chocolate in muffins, brownies and cake. But our current favourite beetroot dish is this amazing warm salad with orange, bacon and caraway.



Wild rabbit meat is leaner and tastier than the farmed variety. While you can get hold of it year round, the best sized rabbits are generally available from July to December. A simple pappardelle with wild rabbit is a fabulous way to serve this beautifully gamey meat.



All kinds of berries are in plentiful supply in July but perhaps the one we look forward to most is the delectable gooseberry. Their season starts with the familiar green gooseberries. As these are quite sharp, they are the best ones for cooking. We love them in a delicious gooseberry fool or try poaching them in a little water and sugar for a traditional accompaniment to mackerel. Later in the season come the dessert gooseberries, sweet enough to be eaten raw.



Mackerel is a wonderfully robust and richly flavoured fish available during the summer and autumn months. Pair it with gooseberries (above) or how about this Asian-style dressing?

So those are some of our favourite things to eat this month. What are yours?


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