Ten Top Tips on how to iron clothes like a Pro!

Ironing Board - Brabantia Titan Oval

How to Iron like a pro!

Come on, hands up. Who can genuinely say they know how to iron clothes properly? And shirts in particular – there’s a real skill to ironing those, isn’t there? That’s why our clever designers here at Brabantia have come up with the new Titan Oval Ironing Board.

The clever asymmetric frame allows you to work while sitting down and provides an adjustable working height for standing up. The worktop is extra large (135x45cm) so it can cope with just about any garment, and also has one side specially shaped for shoulder pieces and the other for trousers.

Armed with a heat-resistant ‘parking zone’ and foldable linen rack and a child safety lock to prevent the table collapsing accidentally, it really is the ultimate in easy ironing.

So once you’re set up with the right equipment, let Brabantia help you graduate to the next level of ironing expertise with our quick, handy guide to ironing shirts…

  1. First things first – do your ironing in a well-lit room. If you can’t see those wrinkles, you’ll never be able to do anything about them.
  2. It makes it so much easier if the shirt is slightly damp when you iron it. If not give it a quick spray with water.
  3. Make sure your iron is just hot enough but not too hot. You don’t want to scorch the fabric.
  4. Less haste and more speed, as your mother would say. Don’t rush the job. It’s much harder to iron out creases you’ve ironed in by mistake.
  5. Start with the collar. Press the underside first.
  6. Next come the shoulders. Press from the shoulder to the centre of the back.
  7. Then move onto the cuffs – insides, then out.
  8. And then the sleeves, working from the wrist to the shoulder.

    Sleeve ironing board

    A great tool for effortlessly ironing shirt sleeves!

  9. Now it’s time for the body of the shirt. Front panels first and then the back.
  10. Finally repress the collar and hang it up. Stand back and admire your work!


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