Brabantia WallFix Wall Mounted Dryer

Review of Brabantia’s Retractable Washing line the WallFix by Geek Mummy

familyThis week we welcome a WallFix Wall Mounted Dryer review from Geek Mummy Ruth, a well-known blogger where technology and general geekery form a daily part of her family’s life. Her blog shares geek news, reviews and advice that is relevant to parents, as well as family news and milestones that the children achieve.  To read here full review of Brabantia’s innovative pull out washing line – click here.

Buy a Brabantia wall mounted rotary airer“Within the geek family we are not very good at any kind of DIY activity. Before the geekdaughter was born we bought a new bathroom cabinet, which remained in its box at the bottom of the stairs until after her first birthday! The geekdaddy is always willing to do these little jobs, but I have to catch him at just the right moment in order to actually get stuff done!

This was not foremost in my mind when I was asked if I’d like to review a product from the Brabantia range. I knew that Brabantia made lovely kitchen bins (and having now lived with one for the last year I can categorically state it is the best kitchen bin I have ever owned), but I didnt realise they made so many other great things as well.A couple of my girfriends had recommended the WallFix – a wall-mounted washing line – to me, and it struck me as a good way to try to wean myself off my tumble dryer and reduce my electricity bills.

Brabantia Wallfix retractable clothes line

Brabantia Wallfix

Brabantia’s retractable washing line – the WallFix is a beautifully designed piece of equipment. Picture what is essentially a rotary washing line, but instead of it sitting on top of a pole it is mounted to your wall. It’s designed to easily fold down when not it use, and takes up minimal storage space. It really is very easy to use, and that’s why I love it. I’ve never been a great user of washing lines up to this point, as I am too lazy to retrieve the line from the shed, string it across the garden and then hang the washing out.

But this thing – I just step out from the back door with a basket of washing, pull it away from the wall to lock it in place, and hang the washing out. It easily holds two loads of washing, and provided the weather is reasonable it gives a great dry. Now that I’ve lived it with a few months I can say that it is proving a great alternative to my tumble dryer when the weather is good, and I absolutely love it.

It even comes with a cover so that when it’s folded away it is protected from the weather. It’s a beautifully designed piece of equipment, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. In addition for being great for lazy people like me it would also be ideally suited for gardens where there is not much space available for a traditional washing line.”

The Brabantia Wallifx Wall Mounted Dryer with cover is available to buy here.

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