Brabantia Peg Bags

Come rain or shine – are you prepared?

Brabantia laundry With experts predicting another changeable summer, it’s good to know there is something you can rely on come rain or shine – our popular Drying Rack with its ‘XXL’ 20 metres of drying space. And for those keen to avoid the financial and environmental costs of a tumble dryer, the Drying Rack is the perfect option.

Now available in stylish ivory, the Drying Rack is easy to move, fold and store. Capable of drying a full machine load, the adjustable wings provide extra stability and the unique transport lock means it won’t collapse when you try to move it.

There is a handy platform at the base of the Drying Rack for flat drying of delicate articles. Ideal for indoor use, the entire frame is protected by outdoor quality paint so if the sun should happen to make a surprise appearance, you can move the Drying Rack out into the garden to make the most of those rays! For more details why not visit our website


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