WallFix Review: “I defy you not to get excited about this Brabantia WallFix”

With Spring in the air and the weather brightening up, we can start to get excited about the joy of air dried laundry. Did you know ifClick to buy Brabantia WallFix you use your tumble dryer two to three times a week, you create approximately 159kg of CO2 each year? So now’s the time to go green and embrace the good weather.

Brabantia Wallfix pull out laundry dryer

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This week we welcome mum of two Jacqui, creator of Mummy’s Little Monkey. Jacqui’s a features and travel writer, contributing to all of the top UK titles, including The Guardian’s Weekend magazine, BellaChat, Look, and Cosmopolitan. Here she road tests the Brabantia Wallfix and shares her views:


Can I just begin by pointing out that I don’t usually get so excited by laundry.

I have PLENTY of exciting, glamorous things to do, like… well… there are so many I can’t think of just one... you’ll have to take my word for it, OK?? Anyway, I defy you not to get excited about this retractable washing line, the Brabantia WallFix. 

Pretty cool, huh? The whole clothes airer folds out, and clicks into place with a smooth, simple one-hand motion. Then, when you’re done, it collapses back into its fancy wall-mounted stainless steel storage box.

We’re currently fixing our garden up to give the girls plenty of space to run around, so the last thing we wanted to do was plonk a clothes line smack dab in the middle.

Mounting the WallFix to the side of the house was the perfect compromise. We still got 24 metres of line – enough to hang out a full washing load – it was compact and stylish when folded away, AND we kept our back yard free.

Brabantia Wall Fix with Matt Steel Storage Box

I’ve already used it twice, and didn’t even whimper under the weight of a full load of heavy bath towels (NB: OH did use industrial-strength screws and rawl plugs, rather than the supplied fixings – just to be uber safe!).

I won’t tell you that I’m already looking forward to hanging out the next load of washing, because that would sound really sad… *whispers* but I am…  

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Thanks so much to Jacqui for the review.To read her full blog click here.

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