Guest Blog: “…Brighten up your kitchen in style”

emmys mummy bloggerWith denim playing a key role in fashion and interiors for 2012 we’re excited to announce that mummy blogger Clare (Emmy’s Mummy) agreed to review our denim inspired Vintage Blue 30 litre binTo read her full blog click here.

“Brabantia recently gave me free reign to pick an item from their extensive range and immediately I was drawn to their push bins.  Now what drew me in was their new colour selections – there really is something to suit every taste and room.  I wasn’t keen on having a traditional chrome one as I wanted to add some colour into the room so I opted for a Vintage Blue.

There are a huge range of colours to chose from so there really is something to suit everyone!  However there are so many choices it does take a while to decide.  I went for a Blue to contrast my Yellow walls and it works really well. You can see the huge colour choice for yourself – Colour Your Bin colour selection.

The bin arrived within days and was packaged well, in fact so well that Emmy now has bubble wrap to play with and a new Gruffalo cave and she has claimed the box for her own.

blue brabantia touch bin

We have received a 30 litre bin which also came with some Brabantia bin liners to go inside.  Looking at the size of the liners I was dubious as to whether they would hold all of our rubbish as we go through quite a lot, however after a few days the bin still wasn’t full – which greatly surprised me. It really does hold a lot! Also a huge plus for me is it doesn’t get Emmy’s dirty fingerprints all over it, anything which involves less cleaning is always a seller here!!

I love the colour as it really brightens up a rather plain and unattractive area of the room – my next job will be to replace the white swing recycling bin – I just wonder which colour I will go for? I really am spoilt for choice.

Brabantia Retro 40 L Retro Bin Union JackWhat colour would you choose?

However if you are feeling daring how about this limited edition retro ‘Union Jack’ bin to help get into the spirit of the 2012 Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.”

Thanks to Guest Blogger Clare for the Vintage Blue review.To read her full blog click here.

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