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How to change your Brabantia bin lid catch

How to change a brabantia bin lid catch.Do you think that your Brabantia Bin lid catch is not working and your lid is not closing properly? You may need a new catch, as the existing one has lost its spring, but first please check that your current Brabantia Bin catch is cleaned from any food debris.  This year we filmed a series of How To videos (see below) to help you get the most out of your Brabantia products.

Before you go to the trouble of replacing your Brabantia bin lid catch, the most common reason for it not shutting properly is that some food debris has clogged up the mechanism. Try washing out the catch with a sponge and warm soapy water first.

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As you can see in the video below, there are three different types of Brabantia bin lid catch mechanism, so take the lid off your bin and compare the set up to the video explanation below. This will help you change your bin catch, when you get a replacement.

If your bin is a newer model you may see a blue striker for the catch inside the rim, where the lid closes. This sometimes may be broken if the lid is forced shut, for example. Both the Brabantia bin catch and blue striker are available to buy below. If you need to buy a new Touch bin lid click here, or for a Brabantia Pedal bin hinge set, click here.



Brabantia Bin Lid Catch

Brabantia Blue Striker

Brabantia bin lid catch for touch bin

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Brabantia Bin Catch blue striker

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Useful tip: If you would like to know how to clean a Brabantia Stainless steel bin, then click on this link.

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