Why September is the perfect month to collect and store your garden herbs

September is harvest time in the herb garden. There’s plentiful supplies to use fresh from the garden and it’s the key time to prepare herbs for the winter months, not only to give a continuous supply of leaf, but also to collect and store annual herbs too.

Garden Organic has some useful tips on what to do with your herbs this month:

  • Collect annual garden herbs before they die back in the cold to keep in jars for winter use
  • Cut back shrubby herbs after flowering including lavender, marjoram and curry plant
  • In areas where winters may be harsh, remove only the spent flower heads, leaving the majority of the foliage in place over winter, where it will provide frost protection for the plants
  • Collect and freeze annual herbs before they die back in the cold. Mint, chives, coriander, basil, tarragon, can all be frozen for winter use. Freeze in ice cube trays with a little water, or in the case of chives, milk, if you want chivey potato mash

kitchen utensils When a collection of herbs and spices has been amassed from your garden or window box it’s vital to store these items to ensure they have a long shelf life. And, when you are cooking it’s important to be organised and have as many of the ingredients to hand as possible. Our Herb Rack has become a popular solution to aspiring chefs and domestic goddesses and can be added to our flexible Kitchen Today wall-rail system.

The Herb rack comes with five durable glass jars, each fitted with a flavour-tight seal to keep your herbs and spices fresh for longer. Measuring caps are also provided – one of which is suitable for coarse herbs – and pre-printed and blank labels are also supplied so you can customise the jars to your taste.

The rack can easily be moved along the wall rail so it’s just where you need it, or alternatively can be mounted elsewhere by being screwed to a wall. We think these certainly are a great way to get organised in the kitchen! Please let us know your thoughts in the Comments Box below.

And if you are growing your own herbs or planning next year’s garden, here are some great top tips from Barbara Segall – editor of Herbs, the quarterly magazine of the Herb Society.

Here are five of some of the most popular UK herb gardens you can visit if you need any inspiration too:

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