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What you really think about our Customer Services Department

Here at Brabantia we are always keen to find out what our customers think about our products and if they are happy with the Customer Service we offer. At the beginning of the year we created a Customer Survey to find out how you rated our service levels so we can review what we were doing well and what areas we can improve on too.

We are pleased to announce that our Service Rating has received an average of 95% ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. We are using the valued comments and suggestions from all the completed surveys to review and improve the service we provide.  Thank you again, to everyone who has taken part in our survey.

Here are some of the responses we’ve had so far:

“Unbelievably fast and offered a great service, especially as I no longer have the receipt for my bin lid. The person I dealt with (Kevin Amess) was very charming and efficient, I truly am amazed at the service I received. Replacement lid came quickly and I am a very happy customer, who will continue buying Brabantia.”

“You set expectations early on and then met them. Very professional and fast.”

“I normally like to talk to somebody on the telephone. However i emailed you and got a response within 24 hours. i was very impressed with the speed of your reply and did not expect a resolve so quickly.”

“Very responsive, courteous and a can-do attitude. Can’t ask for more than that!”

“The service I received was excellent, so much so that there is nothing I can suggest. There was no room for improvement as it was 100% spot on.”


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